Friday, June 15, 2012

1st Day Manila Day Sale of SM City Manila

Manila... Manila... I keep coming back to Manila...
There's no place like Manila...
Manila I'm coming home...

This is an excerpt of one of the famous song describing Manila. It is indeed there's no place like Manila. It is the center of trade and industry. The soul of the country. As one of the well known city in the Philippines celebrates its day SM City Manila joins in with the celebration and bring forth the finest sales that they can offer. Its the Manila Day Sale by SM City Manila.

Entrance of SM City Manila with Sale Banner

SM City Manila, being situated in the middle of the universities, government offices, establishments and parks, holds the venue for all people in different walks of life. Making them the center for great finds, good foods and in demand products.

As the first day of the Manila Day Sale commence, I was given a chance to witness the flow of people coming in and out of SM City Manila. From students to senior citizens and from workers to bystanders, they are all roaming around and trying to get the cheapest bargain that they can find. The crowd was almost thick already and yet it is only the first day of the sale plus it is still Friday. I may have witnessed only the tip of the crowd and I'm sure the later part of the day will make every body blast inside the mall. It's pay day!

The Sales, The Crowd and The Mall

I'm just lucky today that I don't have work, so I'm not in a hurry to roam around and flicker those tag prices. I did find clothing lines and toys that sales from 20% to 50% off which I consider great buys already. There are also other establishments that offers a 70% off on their selected items. Whew! This great buys hunting makes me hungry as well. Great that food establishments are also joining the fun sale.

With today's current situation we really need to be picky, practical and thriefty. We need to have more of what we earned and that's the reason why SM City Manila offers this 3 Day Sale to let the working class enjoy more of the hard-earned money.

The Manila Day Sale of SM City Manila will run from June 15 (which is today) until June 17. So, you still have 2 more days to create your list and to hunt them down.

More of the pics taken today....


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