Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gardo & Theo, Face to Face on Valiente

More revelation, outrageous scenes and exposure of truth covers the last week of Valiente on TV5.  In the peak of the event in San Rafael, another revelation will turn and twist the life of the Braganza and Valiente family.  Witness also the re-deepening relationship between Gardo Valiente (JC De Vera) and Maila Braganza (Nadine Samonte) as they are tested by Mila Regalado-Arden's opposition (Lorna Tolentino). What would the truth behind the personality by Maila and Mila Regalado-Arden. What is their secret stories?

Meanwhile, will forgiveness come to Damian Valiente (Michael De Mesa) and Gardo and to mother Dona Trining Braganza (Jaclyn Jose) and Theo (Oyo Sotto)?   How could they forsake the past? Also watch for the return of Leona Braganza (Nina Jose) as she do everything for the sake of his love for Gardo.   Up to how long can bear and sacrifice for her love?

Do not slipped through Doña Trining cleverness, who would take up the impending confrontation of Gardo and Theo.  In the history of hatred and revenge between the two, a bullet will mark the end. Who will remain strong? What is the destiny of Gardo Valiente? Is this the end of Dona Trining Braganza?

Watch out for more hot, convergence and confrontation of Gardo Valiente and Theo Braganza in the last week of Valiente, after Wil Time bigtime on TV5.

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