Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meralco, MOVE Appdate

With the advancement of technology, companies need to keep up with the development and the current mainstreams are the presence of applications. Yes, applications or apps for the mobile technology, whether it is an android, iOS or other operating systems that makes a gadget or mobile technology process and operates.

Meralco, with their website can sure help users with the process but what about those who are always mobile? It would be hassle having a laptop with you in a crowded area always whenever you want to check the details and updates about your Meralco billings. Plus it would be a hassle also to go around the site with just using an android or iOS phone. So in order to provide more convenient, alternative and easy way to continue serving the consumers, Meralco developed a free application for the consumers carrying their six existing services. This is to provide ease to users with regard to their Meralco concerns. This application is coined as MOVE or MeralcO Virtual Engine. This application is now available for download from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, and Blackberry App World.

So what are the six applications that are packed in this MOVE application suite?
  • Meralco Office Directory where users can find the nearest Meralco office in the area.
  • Bayad Center is an easy locator for all the Bayad Centers where it is one of the convenient ways to pay the Meralco bill.
  • Meralco Appliance Calculator helps in computing the amount of electricity an appliance consumes.
  • Bright Ideas provides information and learning on better ways to use and save electicity.
  • Power Maintenance Schedule keeps users up to date on the power maintenance schedule in the area.
  • E-Meralco Bill let users view the latest bill even when on the go.
These are what we have learned during the MOVE Appdate held in Meralco as they launched and let bloggers experience the whole Applications of MOVE or MeralcO Virtual Engine.   

For details, check, like Meralco on Facebook, or follow @meralco on Twitter.

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