Friday, November 2, 2012

Kraft Eden Sarap Ng Pasko, Featuring Moms

Mommies! What would be Christmas without them? Back when I was still young, I would always look at my Mom when she's cooking all the foods that I love to eat during Christmas. It was a great holiday that I've been looking forward every year. For us children they are our heroes, though they may be silent in what they are doing but still they are our saviour when its Christmas. They always save the day.

As Kraft Eden celebrates its 4th year Christmas with Sarap ng Pasko, they are recognizing these unsung heroes of Christmas, the mommies! This year theme is “Dahil Sa 'Yo Ma” which was launched with the media at Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino. The dishes are made special and flavored with Kraft Eden Cheese. Games and other surprises made the mommies feel warmed as Kraft made the event even more meaningful to enjoy Christmas.

Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino was in tune with the holiday as set up for the Kraft Eden's Sarap ng Pasko “Dahil Sa 'Yo Ma” media launch. Everyone just felt the happy feeling and good mood of Christmas. The remarkable colors of the holiday just made every one smiles.

When the event started people were caroled by the Mandaluyong Children's Choir which sang a beautiful medley of Christmas songs. A good way to start feeling the breeze of the Yuletide season. Time really flies and a few more weeks and it will be Christmas already. I'm thinking of having something really nice and cute to display in our house that my two kids wil sure enjoy to look at. I want them to enjoy and have a good memory of Christmas as I was. Good that there was a Christmas Decoration Workshop presented and it was participated by Iris Pulga, one of the bloggers present in the event. Since moms are always the ones get busy decorating and planning for the holidays. Aside from the decorations there was also a fast and short Workshop about Gift Wrapping whch was participated by one of the lovable mommy blogger Josephine Bonsol.

After the fast and short workshops it was time for the great tandem of the Chef couple of Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino, Chef Jackie and Roland Laudico. They made a Crispy Christmas Parol Molo of course the dish is infused with Kraft Eden Cheese that I'm sure it made it tastier.

Dahil Sa 'Yo Ma that I became who I am now! Thank you Kraft Eden Cheese for this wonderful recognition for all the mommies out there and thank you for continuesly making Christmas Dishes enticing to eat. I'm sure most of you are looking something to cook this Christmas just visit for recipes and other food suggestions or like them on Facebook at and follow them as well on Twitter@kraftfoods.

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