Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Comida Ilocandia & Spaoay Experience

The places in the north have something people in the will surely love. Not only the beautiful scenic spot but quite the culture as well.

Been in the north once but it was the far north and I just got the glimpse of the Ilocos region, the Ilocandia. Though it was just a few minutes stay I was able to enhale the scent of the place. The authentic Iloco breeze. It was great but I'm hoping something more. Just don't know yet when will I be able to go back and have that long experience in the heart of the Ilocandia region.

Ilocano style of pancit.

I was really delighted when one of my blogger friend invited me to this newly opened two in one establishment, the Comida Ilocandia and the Spaoay. The place was quite small but good enough to accommodate a number of guests. A good place to relax and rejuvenate one'a self. I thought to myself that perhaps with at least in this place I can experience quite a bit of the food and culture of the Ilocandia region and I wasn't disappointed.

The bread with pate and the pancit.

Here's my insights and thought about the place and the food. It was raining when I got in to the place. Chef Danny, one of the owner of the place was very accommodating. He introduced himself first and later on the place and the food. I got intrigue of the food first because Chef Danny was Ilocano and I want to know and taste more food from the Ilocos region. Since most of spa rooms where all occupied, Me, together with my wife indulge ourselves in the tasteful offering of Comida Ilocandia.

The 1930 recipe and baking style of bread (pandesal)

First that was offered was the version of pansit together with a 1930 style of baked bread or pandesal that comes with a pate spread. The Ilocano style of pancit was really different for me, with just the right amount of the all around sauce that Chef Danny concocted, it brings a unique taste.  Later on the dish that I chose were served in a very earth-friendly packaging. Not a Styrofoam but a paper type of package though there's not fancy cuts and designs it still good and appealing.  I chose the Crispy Dinuguan for the reason that I wanted to taste it.  Well... my taste buds weren't disappointed because they cooked it the way I perceived it and it was delicious.  Since the food was really a tummy filler Chef Danny brought out his own concoction of the Mojito which is a mixture of Basi and fresh dalandan juice.  Refreshing with a kick!

The Crispy Dinuguan

After the sumptuous food, it's time for the relaxation.  The spa at Spaoay which is just adjacent to the Comida Ilocandia.  Just like I mention it's a two in one business establishment, you relax then you eat or you eat first and then you relax.

Spaoay offers a traditional Ilocano treatment for massage and facials and what's great is that they offer these services with the use of herbs-tea tree, mint and coffee.   I like the massage experience that I had, it was relaxing and relieving.   Aside from these massage treatment they also have some body wraps, scrubs and baths with the use of mountain clay, sea salts, and balsamic vinegar.  According to them all are beneficial to our body.

The Spaoay is open daily to give alternative and natural healing.  Spaoay also provide exclusive hotel and home services.  Located along Timog Avenue in Quezon City, you can call (02)994-7596 or 09189256603

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