Monday, October 1, 2012

Gloc-9 Bloggers' Conference

Mga Kwento Ng Makata is just right to match with Kwento Ni Toto. Both, this blog and his album got the term Kwento and right now I'm going to “Kwento” 'story-tell' what happened and what have I learned from Gloc-9 during the Bloggers' Conference. But before the story I want to tell something about what I thought first about Gloc-9. I haven't seen or met him personally so what I'm going to tell was based on what I thought I've seen and practically stereotyped him with the other rappers. I thought all rappers have tattoos, piercings and dressed like a rapper but when I've seen the release of his latest album MKNM and after I've seen Gloc-9 personally, all have been swept away and learned not really to stereotype people and judge.

So, what happened during the bloggers conference? Well, to start with everything started with a photoshoot and greetings from him, then watched the music video of “Sirena” then everyone shoot their questions. Basically most of the questions were all about his personal life and of course his album plus the Sirena thing. One question that sinks in me is about the lyrics of the title being taken from a literary piece of one of the third gender in which Gloc-9 answered it truthfully that all were created according to his views and what he sees being done to them. He also disclose that there was this movie with a scene of a third gender being dipped in a water-filled drum container. Gloc-9 was really praised with this album and the Sirena single.

He also shares that Francis M is his biggest idol and according to him being a rapper is really hard. This album would be his first relese under Universal Records.

Here's the trac list of MKNM.

Instagram: glocdash9

MKNM (Mga Kwento ng Makata) Tracklist:

1. Balak ni Syke
2. Apatnapungbara feat. Ian Tayao
3. Silup feat. Denise Barbacena
4. Alalay ng hari feat. Allan Mitchell Silonga
5. Sirena feat. Ebe Dancel
6. Hindi mo nadinig feat. Jay Durias
7. Sino (interlude)
8. Salarin feat. Bamboo Manalac
9. Inday feat. Cathy Go
10. Bakit hindi feat. Billy Crawford
11. Malakas (interlude)
12. Pison feat. Chito Miranda
13. Thankful feat. Maychelle Baay of Moonstar88 & Bambu

Bonus Tracks
14. Hari ng tondo feat. Denise Barbacena
15. Kung tama Siya feat. Jaq Dionisio of Kissjane

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