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Saturday, April 10, 2021

New Artists KHIMO and DOTTY Launches a Lockdown-Inspired Song “WHERE THE SUN GOES”

7:43:00 AM


Inspired and triggered, these up-and-coming Filipino singer KHIMO and rapper Dotty have worked together to bring original hip-hop R&B tune, “Where The Sun Goes,” the latest release of ABS-CBN’s Old School Records.

KHIMO is a singer-songwriter who previously joined “Tawag ng Tanghalan” season 3 as a contender as well as “Your Moment” as part of the duo called Binary.

Meanwhile, Dotty f.k.a. marc is a UAE-born Pinoy bedroom musician who came out with his five-track EP “poster boy” last year. He recently enlisted with Tarsier Records and released his collab with Subzylla entitled “regardless.”

A euphonious lament first written in May 2020, it was inspired by songwriter Nhiko Viktor’s experience during the community quarantine. “It’s a metaphor about not knowing why the soul feels so dark at night,” he said.

Dotty’s rap part came along early this year, which Nhiko affirmed to have brought a “different perspective to the song,” with focus on one’s struggle in keeping the demons out when the sun goes down.

“Where The Sun Goes” is one of the new tracks released under Old School Records, an ABS-CBN Music label that highlights sounds bearing the ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s sound with a contemporary twist.

Check out KHIMO and Dotty’s “Where The Sun Goes,” out now on various music streaming services. For more music updates, follow Old School Records on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Singapore rapper Ihasamic! and producer Wovensound join forces on trippy visual album, REPACK

9:27:00 PM

Singapore hip-hop/visual artist Ihasamic! and producer Wovensound show their creativity in full force with the release of REPACK out today on all digital platforms worldwide via Umami Records.

Redefining the visual album format with infectious lo-fi sounds and impeccable direction, the 4-track EP and short film tell the journey of a person struggling with his mental health and how sometimes life can fall into what feels like an endless loop, the same experiences, and conversations you have with yourself repackaged into different days.

“These 4 tracks were meant to be like a short, reflective therapy session,” Wovensound shares. “They cover the theme of repetition and mundane cycles that we go through daily, on a much more personal level - an internalized conflict instead of an externalized struggle. Ihasamic! wanted it to play like a slice-of-life story that loops daily, when repackaged into a different vessel, will you be able to tell the same shit apart on different days? That’s the question that pops in our head during the entire production process.”

Featuring local artists CHAE, Shai, and Raina Sum, the visual EP meld surreal visuals with an incisive commentary on mental health awareness. Rap artist Ilhasamic! adds, “Sonically the EP is played in a cinematic way, four acts one after another, and makes sense when repeated start to end in a loop. The visuals of the accompanying short film complete it.”

Directed by Ihasamic!, the 10-minute short film weaves the entire EP into a visual story that mirrors the musical journey of REPACK. It premiered to fully sold-out screenings on 7 January 2021 at the UltraSuperNew Gallery, Singapore.

Wovensound and Ihasamic! are also collaborating on their 6-track debut EP Vertigos Fulfilled, dropping in June 2021.

Listen to REPACK via Umami Records:

Friday, June 19, 2020

Singapore Electronic Producer Xinister Teams Up With Asian-American Rapper Blahza To Release ‘Break’ Via Umami Records

3:30:00 PM

Singapore electronic producer Xinister collaborates with Los Angeles based Asian-American rapper Blahza on ‘Break,’ released via Singapore based indie label Umami Records.

The lo-fi rap tune emphasizes the importance of staying humble while grinding and hustling for that big break. Blahza shares, “Rappers nowadays feel like they have to be loud and obnoxious to get on. This song has a similar message, but approaches it in an opposite style. Plus, with the whole COVID-19 thing going on now, I feel hating is at an all-time high. People seem to be so quick to point fingers.”

Known for his intense, high-energy trap/dubstep tracks which have already been featured on Spotify’s Bass Arcade, Beast Mode, Dubstep Don, and Trap Mojito, ‘Break’ is Xinister’s first hip-hop production. “I want to be more versatile and to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone”, shares Xinister. “With ‘Break’, I was going for a chill COVID-19 stay home vibe. Blahza definitely killed it.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, from their homes on opposite sides of the world in Singapore and Los Angeles, both artists went back and forth to write and produce ‘Break’ without ever having met each other in person. Xinister says, “it’s just two guys from different countries, only talking to each other online, yet we connected with each other instantly.”

“It was pure musical chemistry”, adds Blahza.

Xinister has 3 more singles planned for release in 2020, and Blahza will be releasing his LP, Sad Songs For Happy People over the next 12 months.

Listen to ‘Break’ by Xinister and Blahza everywhere at this link:

Thursday, June 27, 2019

John Roa #JROA Babalik Na Nga Ba Sa Ex Battalion?

7:24:00 PM

During the event of Go For Gold and Scratch It where a World Record Attempt to break the Guinness World Record on the Most Number of People Dribbling Basketball Simultaneously, John Roa was one of the guest panel where members of the media and bloggers were able to interview him about the real reason of him leaving Ex Battalion. Also their relationship status. Watch the interview and learn the answer to the whys about John Roa and Ex Battalion. #JohnRoa #JRoa #ExBattalion #Showbiz #Entertainment

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wala Pang Titulo, Ron Henley's EP

9:04:00 PM

"Wala Pang Titulo" or "No Title Yet" is a debut EP of Ron Henley.  So why don't we put a title to it?  Well it is the title already and according to Ron Henley himself when asked, he'll just instantly say "None Yet".  Title or not Kwento Ni Toto brings this EP to the public and to the readers and hopefully if Ron Henley will agree will get the readers to ask to what title they think would go with this EP.  It's quite a playful title to have for a music and for a blog post.

Ron Henley have this EP as his debut but he is no newbie in industry.  He started is rapping at the age of 14 and met fellow rapper Loonie who shared the same liking for Eminem's music but basically I hear an influence of the master rapper.  Ron and Loonie formed a group called Stick Figgas and joined the 'Rap-public of the Philippines' contest in the noontime show Eat Bulaga and where they met their idol none other than the Philippines' master rapper FrancisM.  The late rapper took them under his wings and made them a part of the contest's compilation album.   Ron and Loonie eventually explored going solo but still maintaining the group.  the first two sings he wrote were "Suicide Note" and "Nandito Lang Ako" in 2006 which was included in "Critical Condition" album followed by "Kwentong Barbero" in 2008 and "Biglang Liko" in 2010.  It was through the song "Biglang Liko," which has currently more than 11 million hits on YouTube, made the executives of multi-national label MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) take notice of this talented artist.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gloc-9 Bloggers' Conference

11:35:00 PM

Mga Kwento Ng Makata is just right to match with Kwento Ni Toto. Both, this blog and his album got the term Kwento and right now I'm going to “Kwento” 'story-tell' what happened and what have I learned from Gloc-9 during the Bloggers' Conference. But before the story I want to tell something about what I thought first about Gloc-9. I haven't seen or met him personally so what I'm going to tell was based on what I thought I've seen and practically stereotyped him with the other rappers. I thought all rappers have tattoos, piercings and dressed like a rapper but when I've seen the release of his latest album MKNM and after I've seen Gloc-9 personally, all have been swept away and learned not really to stereotype people and judge.

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