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Monday, March 11, 2024

Alex Bruce's Empowering Anthem 'SWOOSH': Perfect for Women's Month

9:35:00 PM

Filipino rapper Alex Bruce delves into themes of resilience, achievement, and empowerment with her latest single "SWOOSH," released through Sony Music Entertainment.

Timely for International Women’s Month, the energizing hip-hop track carries a weighty beat and a powerful message. Originally crafted for a campaign by NIKE, a global activewear brand, in collaboration with FIBA, where Bruce serves as an ambassador, the song champions the spirit of 'Just Do It!'

In Bruce's words, "SWOOSH" embodies the ethos of NIKE's iconic slogan, urging individuals to take action in all aspects of life. Beyond mere lyrics, the track stands as an anthem, celebrating determination, self-belief, and seizing opportunities.

The young rapper unveiled "SWOOSH" during a halftime performance at FIBA 2023, marking a significant moment in her career. Reflecting on the experience, Bruce reminisces about the thrill of showcasing her artistry to a global audience. She particularly highlights the camaraderie shared with her fellow performers, including the dynamic ATEAM dancers, whose vibrant energy enhanced the show's impact.

“Performing at the FIBA halftime show was ‘the’ experience,” the BLING artist fondly shares. “Not only was I thrilled to be showcasing my artistry on such a huge stage, but I was also super excited to be joined by the amazing talents of ATEAM—sixteen dancers whose energy and passion added extra flavor and dimension to the performance.”

“SWOOSH” was produced for her by GOODSON and SHAQUIRO. Alex also vouched for her frequent producers’ level of talent and range and credited their mutual respect as one of the grounding elements that made the success of the collaboration possible.

“Plus, I am friends with them, which makes the working environment more fun and conducive to ideas,” Alex Bruce shares.

“SWOOSH” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Abby Clutario expresses a powerful rendition of Voltes V's “Chichi Wo Motomete”

7:30:00 PM


Experience a nostalgic adventure with Abby Clutario, an indie artist with multiple talents, who has now joined AltG Records. She skillfully revives the timeless classic "Chichi Wo Motomete" from Voltes V, injecting it with fresh energy and vitality.​Embark on a nostalgic journey as multi-hyphenated indie artist and now AltG Records artist Abby Clutario breathes new life into the timeless classic, "Chichi Wo Motomete" from Voltes V, under AltG Records.

"Chichi Wo Motomete" is a popular Japanese song that served as the closing theme for the anime series "Voltes V." The song was composed by Asei Kobayashi/Akira Aoi and performed by Ichiro Mizuki. It was first used in 1977 and quickly became an iconic anthem associated with the show. It translates to "Searching for Father" or "In Search of Father” which captures the spirit of the characters' unwavering dedication to their mission and the emotional longing they feel for their fathers. It has become an enduring symbol of the series and holds a special place in the hearts of fans, evoking nostalgia and a sense of heroism.

Abby expressed her gratitude to AltG Records and GMA Music for entrusting her with the revival of the song, “So far ito ang first Japanese song na na-perform ko ever. In a way dream come true siya dahil nabigyan ako ng chance na tugtugin ito sa mas maraming audience. So I’m very overwhelmed and of course grateful to AltG Records at sa GMA Music sa opportunity na ito. I’m very happy.”

In this captivating revival, she pays homage to the original composition, infusing it with a modern flair and soulful energy that resonates with both loyal fans and a new generation of listeners.

“Dahil ito ay galing sa aking kabataan at pinapakinggan ko na, kahit papaano ‘yung melody nito ay alam ko na rin. So all I have to do is to re-learn the song at kinailangan ko ito ibagay sa aking boses. As for the arrangement, inaral ko ito using a Chapman Stick kasi ‘yung chords niya ay iba so kailangan ko siyang i-arrange. Inaral ko rin ‘yung language para at least maging kadikit at ma-justify naman. Sa aking version na irerelease under ALTG Records, meron lang kaunting twist doon sa original. Meron pa kayong ibang elemento na maririnig na magsasabuhay ng kanta,” Abby shared.

Although Abby admitted that giving a new flavor to a Japanese song is quite challenging, she still managed to embrace the essence of the original composition while infusing it with a Filipino touch. “‘Yung language talaga yung isa sa challenge kasi ayaw ko siyang magtunog slang sa Japanese or may accent. Hindi rin ako naglagay ng Tagalog lyrics dito but I guess masasabi kong mala-Pinoy ang arrangement in the sense na alam mo naman mahilig tayo sa mga ballad, love songs, so parang ‘yun ‘yung areglo na ginawa ko. So toned-down siya gamit ang Chapman Stick. Para ka lang hinaharana ng isang instrumento so ‘yun na siguro yung masasabi kong pagka-Filipino feel niya,” she says.

Whether you grew up watching the adventures of the Voltes Team or are discovering their heroic tale for the first time in Voltes V: Legacy, Abby's heartfelt performance will transport you to a realm where courage, determination, and the pursuit of justice intertwine.

What's interesting is that this release, the "Chichi Wo Motomete" already debuted at #4 on iTunes PH's Top 100 Songs. Now we can assume that more people love to reminisce childhood life. 

Prepare to be captivated by the revitalized magic of Abby Clutario’s "Chichi Wo Motomete," now available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

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