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Thursday, September 12, 2019

My Kwento About 3 Things To Know with LSS or Last Song Syndrome Movie

10:30:00 PM

This is my kwento about this particular movie that is part of the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, the LSS or Last song Syndrome Movie. The movie is starred by real-life couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos with today's most sought band, Ben&Ben.

The LSS or Last Song Syndrome is a film about Sara (played by Gabbi) and Zak (played by Khalil), who are an aspiring musician and a software engineer, respectively. And just like any other individual, their comfort is music in which they follow the upcoming indie-folk band called Ben & Ben.

The band, Ben&Ben in this movie played the role of themselves in the time that they are still starting their band.

Here are some interesting facts to know and expect about this movie, LSS.

1.  According to Executive Producer, Emman Dela Cruz Gabbi and Khalil were cast separately. So the whole team doesn't have any idea that they were a real couple. 

2. The first song choice May Be Tonight was used in one of the movies before that they lose hope of having a theme song for the LSS movie that is composed and sung by Ben&Ben. Fortunately, the band has one new song that is needed to be finished and according to Ben&Ben, it was the script of the film that made them to finally finish the song. 

3. The couple, Khalil and Gabbi had an agreement that they won't work together in one project but when the script and story were presented to them both of them agreed to finally work together as a couple and besides Ben&Ben is one of their favorite band.

“LSS  or Last Song Syndrome is directed by Jade Castro under Globe Studios, Dokimos Media Studios Inc. and Ben&Ben.

The film will be one of the films that will be showing on September 13 to 19, 2019 as part of the PPP celebration.

A little background about Gabbi Garcia, she's from the Kapuso Network who starred in some of the teleseryes like “Pamilya Roces”, “Sherlock Jr.”, and “Encantadia.” Also, she was part of the film, “Meant to Beh” in 2017.

For Khalil, he is one of the actors under the Kapamilya Network who was part of many TV series such as “Bagani”, “La Luna Sangre”, and “A Love to Last.” Also, he was part of different movies like "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: Forever is not Enough", "The Achy Breaky Hearts", and "Honor They Father."

Sunday, August 4, 2019

5 Different Opinions/Reasons Why Married People Fall In Love for the Second Time To Another Person

11:20:00 PM

Our heart is placed in a strategic location to entirely manage the flow of blood and oxygen for the whole body. It is not placed above the brain because it is not created to govern but to manage, to express, and to love. Brain is above the heart to oversee and provide logical reasoning for the heart. A balance checker whether the heart is functioning accordingly. That is how humans are created.

Though most people find true love or their first love, there are still circumstances in life that shakes the ground. Testing the stability of the foundation, of which many committed people fails. Of course there are certain factors why the foundation of love crumbles and falls. And that's what I'm about to share since Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao will be showing their unwanted love affair genre movie entitled "JUST A STRANGER". It will be shown on August 21, a holiday to give everyone a chance to watch the movie alone or with their loved ones.

So, why do married people fall in love for the second time to a different person? Well, no one really know the exact facts why but what I can share is based on different stories that usually see on TV, newspaper and movies, all about illicit affairs.

1. The attention. Probably attention is one of the main reason why some people fall out of love and fall in love to another person. Once a person is deprived of attention he or she will try to find it somebody else.

2. The thrill. Sometimes when monotony strikes there's this thrill seeking mood of every individual. People want something new and for this instance, if the partner isn't playful or interesting anymore that is why an individual will go for the exciting and thrilling ones.

3. The situation. Often, people who is always present in a situation would eventually make an impact to the point of being needed. This goes to either parties.

4. Peer pressure. Not really aware if this also happens to the ladies that individuals are being pressured by peers to do something that leads to an affair and later on falling for it.

5. The heart. Feelings are sometimes irrational that they tend to complicate things. One isn't enough to satisfy or suppressed the feeling.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas that you can share about this topic? If you do have one, kindly comment your response.

The movie of Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao is an intimate romantic drama that is about the story of Mae Pimentel played by Anne Curtis, who's in her mid-30s with an illness called Fibromyalgia and married to Phil portrayed by Edu Manzano who's a businessman who doesn't seem to care much for Mae. Mae is not wanting material things and she can go on a leisure trip anywhere she wants. On this particular event in a City of Lisbon, Portugal where she meets Jericho "Jekjek" Esguerra (played by Marco Gumabao). A 19-year-old son of a Philippine Ambassador. A guy oozing with sex appeal and charming personality but playful like a child.

The trailer of the movie already gives a hint of how the story goes with the numerous steamy scenes between Anne and Marco, but director Laxamana points out that the film was not created to romanticize illicit affair. The movie is more on the personal stories of the characters and to show the reasons behind their actions. Will they stick to their principle "Not your friend. Not your lover. Just a stranger."

"Just A Stranger" is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana under Viva Films. Opens in different cinemas nationwide on August 21, 2019.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Derrick Monasterio and Sanya Lopez Bravely Took The Hot Questions About Wild and Free

12:44:00 PM

When sizzling  and wild scenes are on the big screen everyone talks about it. Just like what is today's upcoming movie 'Wild and Free'. Just recently a bloggers conference was held at the 38 Valencia events place where Derrick Monasterio and Sanya Lopez bravely took the heated questions from the bloggers.

How wild and free? This is what most of the attendees have in mind and the one main question that Derrick and Sanya answered. Take note both of them replied truthfully.

Wild and Free have been the talk of the town after the release of its movie trailer. It has become controversial and netizens could not get enough of the very daring and bold scenes of Sanya and Derrick.

Netizens expressed their surprise and enthusiasm to see the two Kapuso stars tackle more mature roles. Mature to the point that you'll actually believe it is happening and realistic.Direk Connie Macatuno revealed that even Derrick's girl will get jealous.

Derrick admitted that he was reluctant during their first scene and he truthfully shared that he was getting affected in some parts of it but of course it's a work that need to be done professionally.  He also shared that "Nakakatakot kasi baka bigla akong masampal. Syempre ko, na-envision ko na agad yung magiging takbo ng scene,  kung ano yung mangyayari," explains the23-year-old actor. Though they were shooting love scenes, Derrick said he knew his limitations.

"Syempre faithful ka rin dapat kung ano yung hindi dapat gawin, kasi respeto kay Sanya. Just like Derrick, Sanya explained that she felt her heart in her throat when she did her first intimate scene with her leading man.

"Nandun po kasi talaga yung kaba, pero natutunan naming na maging open lang kami, na hindi ito bastos, may mga eksena na magiging totoo at madadala ka talaga kahit hindi naman sabihin, sayo na gawin mo. Ganito naman ang ginagawa ng totoong lovers. Sex is part of the relationship," explained by Sanya.

Sanya clarified that she did not feel violated doing the sensitive scenes. She is also thankful that Derrick is a true gentleman.

"Nakatulong po sa akin na gentleman po talaga si Derrick at close po talaga kami."

"Pag po kasi andon ka na sa set at nandoon ang respect sa isa't isa, magagawa n'yo ang bawat eksena nang maayos."

Wild and Free tells the story of Ellie, an independent and self-supporting woman, working as a part-time TNVS (transport network vehicle service) driver, picks up Jake (Derrick), a man from his past.

While on trip, the two reminisce their happy times, when they were still a couple.

Ellie and Jake met up three years before, while they were commuting.

They instantly hit it off and their attraction led to a relationship.

However, complications arise when Jack discovers that Ellie got a little secret, a huge impact in Jack's life.

The movie is directed by Connie S. Macatuno and is showing in cinemas on October 10.

For more updates, follow Regal Entertainment Inc on Fcebook, @RegalFilms on Twitter, @RegalFilms50 on IG nd Regal Cinema channel on YouTube.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Kim Domingo Bares It All on Her Book 'State of Undress'

7:36:00 AM
One of today's sensational celebrity, the pantasya ng bayan, the French-Filipino bombshell and one of GMA Artist Center's star, Kim Domingo bares her body and soul on her book "Kim Domingo; Estate of Undress". It is a photo book that will definitely captivate every Filipino men.

Fans will have a chance to know Kim Domingo better as she bares everything on her book. A deeper understanding about her and fall much deeper under the spell of her revealing photos. From a 'Pantasya ng Bayan' to a 'Pantasya ng Asya'.

The book "Kim Domingo: State of Undress" is out now under Summit Books. It is a collection of intimate photos of the sultry star accompanied by never-before-revealed details of her rise to fame. Together, the images and stories conjure up an even more alluring vision of the angelic-faced, voluptuous-bodied beauty.

The book is divided into three chapters which represent who Kim was, who she is, and who she wants to be. The first one featuring nostalgia-washed snapshots by Shaira Luna acquaints readers with Kim's past, from her strict childhood to her early career lows. The second chapter punched up by Ejay Leung's provocative photography breaks down Kim's rise to pantasya ng bayan status into steps that span winning genetic lottery to landing her two FHM Philippines covers. The final chapter accompanied by an elegantly seductive set by Paolo Pineda seeks to demystify the enigma that is the shy yet sexy, simple yet stunning Kim Domingo.

The book, "Kim Domingo: State of Undress" had its launch and signing last July 1, 2017 at National Book Store Glorietta 1 where fans and followers of flocked-in together. They were given a chance for a meet and signing of the book for every purchase of the book.

Kim Domingo: State of Undress is now available in newsstands, bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide for only Php250.00.

If you might want to know, Kim is currently one of the cast of GMA Network's afternoon prime series "D' Originals" and the longest running comedy gag show "Bubble Gang"

Book : Kim Domingo : State of Undress

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#LizQuen Answers at the My Ex and Whys Bloggers' Conference

8:22:00 PM

It's time to fall in love, be love, and love more with the blockbuster tandem of Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano with their latest Valentine movie offering, the movie "My Ex and Whys". But before you watch the movie see and hear what they answered to some of the questions during the bloggers conference held at the ABS CBN ELJ Building.

This blogcon was considered as one of the biggest and numerous attendees of bloggers, so there are plenty of question thrown at them and of course their answers were expected. So here are some of the videos that we got from the blogcon.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Direk Joel, Jake, Angeline and ToMiho Shares Foolish Things They Did For Love

11:30:00 PM

We all did or does foolish things in life that made us what we are and sometimes a good remembrance that we did something because of love.  So the movie "Foolish Love" would be best described if the casts and director itself shares something about foolishness that they did and Kwento Ni Toto did ask the foolish question "Share Top 3 Foolish Things That You Did For Love". Good thing that it was the last question during the blogcon that made the end a much interesting question for everyone to know.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles, The BlogCon Experience

9:21:00 AM

Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles is the sequel of Tiktik which picks up where it ended in a place called Pulupandan. It is where the whole massacre happened.

Aside from being part of a franchise, Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles also marks the comeback of GMA Films, being one of the film’s co-producers with Reality Entertainment and Agosto Dos. The franchise is formally inked with the momentous contract signing of the entities.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Aljur Abrenica's COME AND GET ME Concert

6:39:00 AM

Kwento Ni Toto shares to fans and followers the upcoming concert of GMA Artist Center prime artist Aljur Abrenica entitled with a teasing line "Come and Get Me".  This will be his second concert.  He'll be showcasing more of his talents for everyone which will happen this coming November 7 at the Music Museum.  This is one of Aljur Abrenica special treat for his fans.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dormitoryo GMA's Newest Weekend Suspense Series

2:49:00 PM

Last week, GMA artists creates a ruckus around Asya Restaurant as the Dormitoryo BlogCon was held together with the bloggers and other media practitioner.  Passersby and fans of GMA artists are turning their heads as they pass the restaurants.  Well, that's one of the things they could and I know the feeling of seeing stars and celebrities.

Present during the Dormitoryo BlogCon are Lauren Young, Joyce Ching, Ruru Madrid, Enzo Pineda, Ashley Nordstrom, and Annicka Dolonius.  All are in their vibrant moods to welcome questions from the bloggers present in the event.

Dormitoryo is one of GMA Networks newest suspense series.  Something new out of the usual Sunday afternoon stories that we've seen in the past.   The story is about an incoming freshman of Mass Communication student named Hazel Mendoza which is played by Lauren Young.   It is about her search for an answer about the death of Maika Benitez, played by Winwyn Marquez, who died in the same dormitory.  The death may looks like an accident for some but it is a mystery for Hazel and she wants to know more about it.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blogcon With The Creative Team of Apoy Sa Dagat

7:17:00 AM

What would you think if you hear two contrasting elements mixed together in a specific phrase? Ironic or crazy, perhaps, but this title of the newest teleserye of ABS CBN makes it interesting to watch. Entitled as “Apoy Sa Dagat” is a contradicting phrase translated in English as “Fire on Water” or “Fire on the Sea”.

Few weeks ago, we were given a time to sit down and chat with the creative team of “Apoy Sa Dagat”. It was a lively and interesting chat with the writers and director, with Director F.M. Reyes as the one who lead our small chit chat.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Gloc-9 Bloggers' Conference

11:35:00 PM

Mga Kwento Ng Makata is just right to match with Kwento Ni Toto. Both, this blog and his album got the term Kwento and right now I'm going to “Kwento” 'story-tell' what happened and what have I learned from Gloc-9 during the Bloggers' Conference. But before the story I want to tell something about what I thought first about Gloc-9. I haven't seen or met him personally so what I'm going to tell was based on what I thought I've seen and practically stereotyped him with the other rappers. I thought all rappers have tattoos, piercings and dressed like a rapper but when I've seen the release of his latest album MKNM and after I've seen Gloc-9 personally, all have been swept away and learned not really to stereotype people and judge.

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