Sunday, August 4, 2019

5 Different Opinions/Reasons Why Married People Fall In Love for the Second Time To Another Person

Our heart is placed in a strategic location to entirely manage the flow of blood and oxygen for the whole body. It is not placed above the brain because it is not created to govern but to manage, to express, and to love. Brain is above the heart to oversee and provide logical reasoning for the heart. A balance checker whether the heart is functioning accordingly. That is how humans are created.

Though most people find true love or their first love, there are still circumstances in life that shakes the ground. Testing the stability of the foundation, of which many committed people fails. Of course there are certain factors why the foundation of love crumbles and falls. And that's what I'm about to share since Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao will be showing their unwanted love affair genre movie entitled "JUST A STRANGER". It will be shown on August 21, a holiday to give everyone a chance to watch the movie alone or with their loved ones.

So, why do married people fall in love for the second time to a different person? Well, no one really know the exact facts why but what I can share is based on different stories that usually see on TV, newspaper and movies, all about illicit affairs.

1. The attention. Probably attention is one of the main reason why some people fall out of love and fall in love to another person. Once a person is deprived of attention he or she will try to find it somebody else.

2. The thrill. Sometimes when monotony strikes there's this thrill seeking mood of every individual. People want something new and for this instance, if the partner isn't playful or interesting anymore that is why an individual will go for the exciting and thrilling ones.

3. The situation. Often, people who is always present in a situation would eventually make an impact to the point of being needed. This goes to either parties.

4. Peer pressure. Not really aware if this also happens to the ladies that individuals are being pressured by peers to do something that leads to an affair and later on falling for it.

5. The heart. Feelings are sometimes irrational that they tend to complicate things. One isn't enough to satisfy or suppressed the feeling.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas that you can share about this topic? If you do have one, kindly comment your response.

The movie of Anne Curtis and Marco Gumabao is an intimate romantic drama that is about the story of Mae Pimentel played by Anne Curtis, who's in her mid-30s with an illness called Fibromyalgia and married to Phil portrayed by Edu Manzano who's a businessman who doesn't seem to care much for Mae. Mae is not wanting material things and she can go on a leisure trip anywhere she wants. On this particular event in a City of Lisbon, Portugal where she meets Jericho "Jekjek" Esguerra (played by Marco Gumabao). A 19-year-old son of a Philippine Ambassador. A guy oozing with sex appeal and charming personality but playful like a child.

The trailer of the movie already gives a hint of how the story goes with the numerous steamy scenes between Anne and Marco, but director Laxamana points out that the film was not created to romanticize illicit affair. The movie is more on the personal stories of the characters and to show the reasons behind their actions. Will they stick to their principle "Not your friend. Not your lover. Just a stranger."

"Just A Stranger" is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana under Viva Films. Opens in different cinemas nationwide on August 21, 2019.

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