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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Lee Minho greets Filipinos

1:31:00 PM


Lee Minho greets Filipinos as the newest addition to the SM Development Corporation (SMDC) family. The country's leading property developer releases an exclusive video greeting from Korean superstar Lee Minho, who was recently named the Most Favorite Actor in the 2023 Hallyu Wave Abroad Survey.


Watch the clip on SMDC's YouTube channel:

#LeeMinhoForSMDC #SMDC #StepIntoLuxury

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Goodbye Menggie Cobarrubias

7:41:00 AM

You've probably seen him regularly plays the role of a Congressman, a General, a Villain, a father, a Businessman, or a Doctor, from drama to comedy to action. He is one of the veteran actors who have played so many roles in the movie and television industry. Domingo "Menggie" Cobarrubias, passed away at the age of 68 due to complications from pneumonia. He died right before the release of his COVID-19 testing.

Another great actor has fallen. Seen from his social media account his last post was "GOODBYE", probably he already knows that he won't be around anymore.

Some of the films, series and TV shows he has played are Graceland, Bagman, Jaguar, Last Fool Show, Eerie, Beautiful Justice, The Killer Bride, Daig Kayo ng Lola ko, Ipaglaban Mo, and Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Farewell veteran actor "DOMINGO 'MENGGIE' COBARRUBIAS".

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Gabby Concepcion and Jodi Sta. Maria plays the role of Carding and Luisa in Man and Wife

10:38:00 PM

Gabby Concepcion and Jodi Sta. Maria plays the role of Carding and Luisa in their first time movie together, 'Man and Wife' a film directed by Laurice Guillen.

'Man and Wife,' is a Mother's Day offering from Cineko Films and to be distributed by Cinescreen, tells the story of Carding, which is played by Gabby and Luisa, which is played by Jodi, a married couple torn between their love for each other and issues of their respective families. This is just some of the problems encountered by married couples.

Carding's family, led by his mother and mayor of the town, Menang, played by Liza Lorena, permits abusive mining companies to operate in their place affected the agricultural lands, including the one run by Luisa's sibling, Totoy, which is played by EA Guzman.

As the couple tries to stick together amid the rift between their families, they realize that the process is more complicated than they anticipated - Carding comes in conflict with his mother; Luisa with Totoy and her other siblings. This makes them question their decision of building their own family.

How can a man pick sides between the woman he loves and the woman he first loved? Who will a man choose between his mother and the mother of his child? Questions that surrounds every relationship in real life.

'Man and Wife is the comeback movie of Gabby Concepcion after 'Across the Crescent Moon' two years ago. Meanwhile for Jodi, this is her second film for this year after 'Second Coming'.

Other cast of 'Man and Wife' are Klea Pineda, Teroy Guzman, Dexter Doria, Francis Magundayao, Ina Feleo, Denise Laurel, and Amy Austria.

'Man and Wife' opens in theaters this coming May 8, 2019.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Piolo Pascual Is Confirmed An AC/DC - Activist of Christ/ Dedicated Christian

8:02:00 AM

Just right after the Birthday BlogCon of Piolo Pascual in ABS CBN ELJ Building and after reading some of the comments on my facebook post about the Mr. Ultimate Piolo Pascual I came to an understanding that made me write this article about him. This has been a question lingering in my head and now I had the answer to that very intriguing inquiry to the point of confirmation that he is an AC/DC. Yes, the ultimate heartthrob, the crush ng bayan, the Mr. Perfect , the number one leading man and the idol of many ladies is confirmed an AC/DC.

Watch the first part of the video and hear for yourself.

Friday, May 30, 2014

JASMINE The Series of TV5 Goes Beyond Television

8:09:00 AM

Just this weekend Kwento Ni Toto was invited for a special preview of JASMINE's pilot episode which was held at Ace Saatchi & Saatchi.  It was an afternoon of mystery and suspense as JASMINE TV Series breaks the boundary between reality and television.

JASMINE is the highly-anticipated TV5 series and is ready to give audiences an exciting new way to enjoy TV. It premieres on Sunday, June 1, at 9:15PM.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

ALJUR ABRENICA Jammed with Climax For A Cause

3:04:00 AM

Aljur had a great time performing alongside Climax
What makes a man known is not by lifting himself but letting others see what he's been doing.  For a change, Kwento Ni Toto shares something from Aljur Abrenica aside from being a hunk and an actor. He also has a big heart, one that is willing to help people in any way that he can.

Monday, March 31, 2014

TV 5's Beki Boxer Airs Tonight

2:08:00 PM

There's going to be a great competition of teleseryes these days.  Kwento Ni Toto shares one inspiring teleserye from TV5, the Beki Boxer.  Attended to this Beki Boxer Blog Conference was my ever reliable correspondent Justin, who happens to be a beki as well.  He enjoyed the conference and of course he as one was inspired by this teleserye and shares that it's a good teleserye that inspires other beki to push through with what they want to do.  The Beki Boxer airs tonight at 7 PM at the Kapatid Network TV5.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Aljur Abrenica's COME AND GET ME Concert

6:39:00 AM

Kwento Ni Toto shares to fans and followers the upcoming concert of GMA Artist Center prime artist Aljur Abrenica entitled with a teasing line "Come and Get Me".  This will be his second concert.  He'll be showcasing more of his talents for everyone which will happen this coming November 7 at the Music Museum.  This is one of Aljur Abrenica special treat for his fans.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Alden Richards Signs Contract Under Universal Records

7:34:00 PM

More and more artists are coming out of their hibernation and just recently, Alden Richards, one of GMA 7 fastest rising stars embarks on a new journey as a recording artist as he signed up under Universal Records.

Alden joins the elite roster of local artists of Universal Records like Gary Valenciano, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, Christian Bautista, Jaya, Noel Cabangon, JayR, Richard Poon, Gloc-9, premiere bands like Parokya Ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Calla Lily, Sponge Cola, and young performers Sam Concepcion, Kimpoy Feliciano, Emmanuelle, among others.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marvin Agustin Host's TV5’s Artista Academy

2:17:00 PM

Coming in full circle, the cute teen heartthrob from ABS-CBN’s “Star Circle” had become a multi-awarded Actor, TV Host, restaurateur, chef, concert producer, all-around businessman and now a host advisor. From ABS-CBN to GMA-7 now on the Kapatid Network, Marvin Agustin pushes the envelope further as he takes the big leap of sharing his accomplishments as an actor-chef-restaurateur now as the lead host of TV5’s Artista Academy.

Best to show a timeless star that continues to gain respect in showbiz, Marvin will host the biggest and most anticipated Kapatid Network’s Artista Academy talent search. “TV5 through Perci Intalan and Wilma Galvante offered me to do Artista Academy”, says Marvin during an interview with The Philippine Daily Inquirer. He felt that it was the perfect reality show for him after the steadfast lead among his contemporaries in showbiz who have come and gone.

We have all awed from the Marvin launched as an actor via ABS-CBN’s Star Circle in the 90s with several remarkable performances in “Gimik”, “Esperanza”, and the primetime drama “Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako” where fan base exponentially grew teamed up with Ms. Jolina Magdangal. From the loveteam both transferred to Kapuso Network years after, Marvin had become completely gained a name on his own after being part of the trio with Dominic Ochoa and Rico Yan in the same decade. He found his second wind at GMA-7’s comeback with Jolina in “I Love New York” , “Asian Treasures” with Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin. His notable character as hunchback in “Mga Mata ni Angelita”, made a mark on Pinoy households as more mature, edgy and iconic dramatic actor.

Marvin’s passion and commitment to improving the quality of entertainment in the Philippines showed him the path to grow and share what he knows as an Artista. “I can very well relate to the future artistas of TV5”, he continued. He had experienced all the process of auditions to rejections from his beginnings in ABS-CBN’s “Star Circle” auditions in the 90s. Kapamilya launched his career 16 years ago and Kapuso allowed him to explore his other potentials. It was TV5 who was generous to have given him the opportunity to be a line producer looking for new shows for other newbies to stardom. It was through Marvin’s creative ideas and concepts that TV5’s Kanta Pilipinas was born. The show earned him the authority to be one of the most regarded line producers that scours the nation for exemplary talents.

“Now, Kapatid Network is expanding my horizons by letting me produce shows for the station that will discover talents and fulfill dreams”, he added. At Futuretainment Inc., Marvin Agustin continues to provide opportunities to aspiring talents in showbiz producing several shows and acts shown in all the said networks.

Up the ante at all types of opportunities, Marvin showed gratitude to both networks where he traces his roots as an artista. “All 3 stations aim to entertain and I remain very grateful to channels 2 and 7, “ he continued. It took 15 years in showbiz for Marvin to explore his potentials more than acting as chef, restaurateur and concert producer and his continued success in all fields earned him the right to be the best role model for actors and actresses today. With business partnerships in more than 8 restos of Sumo Sam Foods chains now expanding exponentially with more than 24 stores nationwide, Marvin Agustin’s career and businesses flourished at the same time.

He was there all along behind the curtains every Saturday joined by veteran and award-winning dramatic actor, Cesar Montano as the Live Presentor in TV5’s Artista Academy and he’s ready to step up the stage to wow the audience with his wit and skills.

The long wait is over for Marvin Agustin to come out of the curtains as host of TV5’s Artista Academy which held grand auditions last June 19, 2012 at Smart Araneta Coliseum. It is the Marvin we have anticipated to lift up the Filipino talents today, a genuine leader and role model in Philippine entertainment industry, proud to be a Kapatid, soon on TV5! Don’t miss Marvin Agustin and the country’s search for the next big star on TV5’s Artista Academy slated to be shown on July 2012, a show to boost FAME, FORTUNE and STARDOM to aspiring actors.

To get the latest updates from Marvin himself, follow him on Twitter @marvin_agustin and his official Facebook Page (

Friday, March 23, 2012

Have You Seen Marvin Agustin Goes Door-to-Door With Knorr?

6:18:00 PM

Marvin Agustin’s journey to what he is today—a successful chef and restaurateur—is so inspiring that it became the cornerstone of his latest endorsement for Knorr Cubes.

Marvin recently signed on to become the new brand ambassador for Knorr Cubes, the favorite partner of people like him who are passionate about food and cooking. As such, he is also the new face behind Knorr Cubes’ “Door to door Sabaw Challenge” in which he will be visiting different cities all over the Philippines, challenging cooks to identify which is the better, more ma-karne and better-tasting sabaw: the one made with Knorr Cubes, or not?

During the challenge, Marvin will present two versions of sabaw, one made with granules and the other, made with Knorr cubes. Marvin believes so much in the product’s claims to deliver the meatiest taste and flavor that he throws in a promise to give up cooking if they end up choosing the sabaw that’s not made of Knorr cubes—and everyone knows how passionate Marvin is about cooking, so for him to promise that is a big deal.

Among the locations Marvin will visit are Laguna, Iloilo, and Metro Manila. There will be a series of 30-seconder commercials featuring Marvin engaging cooks and housewives to take part in the challenge.

“That’s really what it’s about: Marvin being confident about the product so much that he’s willing to give up his passion for cooking just to prove a point, which is that Knorr cubes is the meatiest out of all the cooking aids in the Philippines,” says Monica Rios, brand manager of Knorr for Unilever Philippines, which is spearheading the Door-to-door challenge.

Marvin grew up in a household where cooking was a passion. Their apartment was small, and from the living room, one could sit and smell what was being cooked in the kitchen.

His mother loved to cook Filipino dishes. “Mahilig kami sa sabaw. Mahilig kami sa sinigang, mahilig kami sa nilaga. Every meal, kailangan laging may sabaw. Sabaw at kanin,” recalls Marvin. “At we really used Knorr cubes. Kahit pinakbet, nilalagyan ng Knorr shrimp na cubes.”

As a teenager, Marvin worked as a waiter, and later, became a mascot for a popular fastfood chain. From there, he worked his way up, became a popular actor and re-invented himself into a successful businessman with a chain of restaurants that includes Sumo Sam, Oyster Boy, Marciano’s, Komrad, John and Yoko and Mr. Kurosawa.

This is what inspired Unilever to choose him to be the latest endorser of Knorr Cubes.

Says Rios: “It’s a nice success story to hear, that he started out as a waiter, and even worked as a mascot for a while. He has proven that he can rise above all the challenges in life. Now he’s a chef and a restaurateur. It’s very inspiring, the way he was able to achieve everything…maypassion siya, and he just really went for it. So it’s a nice feeling for him to be endorsing the product.”

Marvin feels honored to be chosen to join Knorr’s family of chefs. “When I first learned about it (endorsement), sabi ko, everyone knows that I really love cooking. I love cooking for my friends and my family, and Knorr cubes is really what we use for soup. So napakasaya at family-orientedang pino-promote namin na brand.”

Get the latest updates from Marvin himself! Like Marvin Agustin on Facebook or follow him @marvin_agustin on Twitter.

Also visit Knorr Philippines.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Xiam Lim, McDonald's Newest Brand Ambassador

8:13:00 PM

I'm sure most ladies will have a very refreshing summer while walking on sunshine as the newest brand ambassador of McDonald, Xian Lim, introduce the McFloat Summer Medley.   Being one of the hottest young actors today, McDonald's chooses Xian Lim to be one of their brand ambassador.  After the prime time hit of My Binondo Girl, Xian Lim became so hit, especially for the girls.  You can watch the commercial here McFloat Summer Medley Commercial.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata In Memory of De La Salle Brothers

9:31:00 AM

When in high school until college I was a member of our church choir and singing in a cantata are one of my favorites.  Not a very good singer but I can say I could at least follow the notes and hit it right.  So, knowing this cantata will be restage by DLSU I was hoping that I could watch it performed by great artist.

A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata is a story about the Lasallian mission in Southeast Asia, it is said to be a crucial event in its history.  It was February 12, 1945, American forces bombarded the City of Manila that forced a group of Japanese soldiers to enter De La Salle College campus on Taft Avenue.   People who lived there were attacked, twenty-four men, women, and children, and 16 La Salle brothers died in that massacre.  Perhaps only few people knows about it.

This is the result of war, they turn human into monsters but also forges heroes out of its flames. This story is shared and told to honor their memory, their service to humanity, and to remember them eternally.

This cantata is created by Gabby Fernandez and directed by Peque Gallaga, it is one of the highlights of the centennial celebration of De La Salle University (DLSU) in the Philippines. Vicente Garcia Groyon wrote the libretto and Von de Guzman composed the music.

A Fire in the Soul: A Cantata will have two performances only: February 26 (Sunday - Matinee) at 3pm and February 27 (Monday - Gala Night) at 8pm. Both shows will be held at Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium at the 7th Floor of Don Enrique T. Yuchengco Hall of DLSU.

The cast includes Michael de Mesa (Br. Egbert), Franco Laurel (Br. Antonius), Al Gatmaitan (Br. Mutwald), Jonel Mojica (Br. Friedbert), Miguel Castro (Br. Arkadius), Floyd Tena (Br. Athanasius), and Naomi Sison (Alma Mater).

Also, joining them are Onyl Torres (Japanese Captain), Nazer Salcedo (Japanese Soldier 1), Gary Fabricante (Japanese Soldier 2), and John Gilbert Arceo (Japanese Soldier 3).

Narrators are Jaime Fabregas, Ricky Gallaga, Conchita Castillo, Dado Jose, Tanya Lopez, and Louie Zabaljauregi.

Aside from known actors and actresses different La Salle singing groups were also featured in this cantata.  They are De La Salle Inner Soul, De La Salle-Zobel Chorale, La Salle Centennial Orchestra, La Salle Centennial Chorus. Some kids of La Salle-Greenhills are also part of the show.

Joining the Production and the Artistic Team are Mio Infante (Production Design), Dong Calingacion (Technical and Lighting Director), GA Fallarme (Projection Design), Br. Bernard S. Oca, FSC (Executive Producer), and Lore Reyes (Line Producer).

For the matinee performance on February 26, 2012 (3pm), regular tickets are at P200, while student rates are at P100. For the gala show on February 27, 2012 (8pm), orchestra seats are priced at P500 (regular)/ P250 (students) and balcony seats at P250 (regular)/ P200 (students).

For more information, please call the DLSU Centennial Office at (632) 524-4611 local 290 or email

Follow De La Salle University on:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance On Theaters

7:19:00 AM

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is now showing in most of the theaters.  This movie is the sequel to the 2007 film Ghost Rider.   Of course the lead actor is Nicolas Cage who portrayed also as the character Johnny Blaze in the first movie of Ghost Rider.  The film was directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor.

Though I'm also a Marvel Comic fan, the story of Ghost Rider the whole story vague and unfamiliar to me.  Perhaps because I haven't read the full story itself.

According to some movie critics who have seen the pre-screening of this movie, it is less better than the first one.  So, I somewhat want to know if what they have said about this film is justifiable.

So, if you don't have anything to do today, better visit the theaters and see for yourself.

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