Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blogcon With The Creative Team of Apoy Sa Dagat

What would you think if you hear two contrasting elements mixed together in a specific phrase? Ironic or crazy, perhaps, but this title of the newest teleserye of ABS CBN makes it interesting to watch. Entitled as “Apoy Sa Dagat” is a contradicting phrase translated in English as “Fire on Water” or “Fire on the Sea”.

Few weeks ago, we were given a time to sit down and chat with the creative team of “Apoy Sa Dagat”. It was a lively and interesting chat with the writers and director, with Director F.M. Reyes as the one who lead our small chit chat.

Creating something interesting, appealing, and much more intelligent teleserye for the viewers are what Director F.M. Reyes aims for. He wanted to share his artistic talent to the Filipino people as what the tag line of ABS CBN is “in the service of the Filipino people”.

“Apoy Sa Dagat” is being flared up to the viewers because this teleserye will definitely give a whole new meaning in watching teleseryes. It is not the usual soap opera that was seen a decade ago but something that will intrigue and uplift the interest of viewers.

Yes, it is geared into a more adult perspective so parents should always be on the look with their children. As much as possible let the children sleep early because there are scenes according to the creative team that is not appropriate for that specific age bracket.

The creative team was very lively in sharing the whole process of the conceptualization and up to their shooting of the pilot episodes. The call for the title was something weird in the sense that it is intriguing and that's what made the creative team go for it. It was like the title before “Tubig At Langis” translated as “Water and Oil”.

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According to the creative team the teleserye was supposed to be plotted as a Caribbean Cruise but since most them agreed that they wanted to showcase our local scenic spots they made some revisions of the story to go along with the local sceneries. Director F.M. Reyes was very anxious to share their stories about the places that they've shot with great views and scenes. According to him it was majestic to see those places.

The creative team also shared their working experiences with the actors and actresses that according to them they were all in awe as most of them grew more with their talents. These actors and actresses will definitely showcase more out of their usual acting and that's what Director F.M. Reyes was very proud to share.

Intriguing and interesting, a definitely must watch teleserye and series that must not be missed. Watch Apoy Sa Dagat on Primetime Bida.

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