Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Shopping Experience in SM City San Lazaro

Ever since I started my mall hopping activities, SM City San Lazaro became one of the malls that I always try to visit. Not just that this place brings childhood memories but gives me a sense of getting acquainted over and over again with this part of Manila. My father and I used to roam around this side of the city so it's like coming back to lost memories.

Experiencing things in a different manner let me remember it more clearly. Though I'm not sure the orientation of the entrance of the old San Lazaro Horse Race Track, I felt the same feeling when I was still a kid as I enter the entrance of SM City San Lazaro. A crowded place, people coming in and out of the establishment. The only difference is that people coming out of SM City San Lazaro was carrying a bag of goodies on their hands. Goodies bought on this 3 Day Sale.

Yes, SM City San Lazaro held their 3 Day Sale this weekend! Aside that it's a payday weekend they are also celebrating the Mooncake Festival, one of the Chinese traditions!

The best time to visit the mall during sale was the earliest or the opening of the mall to avoid the hassle of crowd traffic but if you're not available just make sure to plan out your way inside the mall. My only problem was that I haven't got my lunch yet when I visited the mall. So what I did was start my stay with filling my stomach first with some good foods.

I remember my first visit here and the ground area of the mall wasn't filled with establishment yet, so I tried to check it out and see what's new on this side of the floor. I was surprised that there were few familiar name of stores already set up. Since I'm hungry already I tried to fill my appetite with the famous name in Central Luzon, the Pampangeno's known brand, the Razon's. I think of all the branches of Razon's that I have visited, this one was the biggest and spacious.

I tried their sizzling sisig, sizzling bulalo, sizzling bangus, their pancit luglog, and of course their famous desert, the halu-halo. It was great dining experience for me. Satisfied and tummy filling! If your in the area and want to try and experience good food from Pampanga just visit them at the Lower Ground Floor they are near to the bingo area and World of Fun.
Pancit Luglog
Sizzling Sisig
Sizzling Bangus
Sizzling Bulalo
Their Famous Halu-halo 

Filled and full, I tried to relax and have some few minutes of fun at the World of Fun, since they are just adjacent to Razon's. I think the World of Fun were relocated here on this side of the mall. Their previous location was at the Third Floor. I believed I saw one of their promo about the Dine & Play with SM foodcourt. For every P150.00 of food purchase (single receipt) from SM Foodcourt you get 5 free tokens which can be played at the World of Fun.

I roamed around first and tried to look for something to buy, of course I want to buy things with great discount. As I passed through their activity area I found this Chinese type of architectural design with some dice being rolled inside. I think this is their Mooncake Dice Game as part of the Mooncake Festival Celebration and where the shoppers can get a chance to win prizes. I think the minimum amount of purchase was P1,000.00 to get a chance to play the dice. This was schedule at 12:00-2:00 PM and 5:00-7:00 PM. I had also a glimpse of the motorbikes to be won by those lucky shoppers. I crossed my fingers with this one. Hopefully I'll be forced to get a driver's license if I won one of these.

Still craving for something sweet but healthy, I passed by this Tutti Frutti store in front of National Bookstore and near the entrance of the department store. Tried their Chocolate and Vanilla flavored youghart with some chocolate toppings. Yummy! It's more of a self-service because you'll be the one who will mix and match.

Continued my rounds for something good buys and I found some for the kids. Then moved again to another boutiques and shops for more items. Little that I know, time flies so fast that it was evening already and I was now hungry and ready for another round of good food to munch. The best place to have your dinner is in the Food Court where you can find plenty of food stores. Affordable and satisfying!

Here are some of the food stores that I have tried, the Binalot which is still extraordinary for their old style of packaging with the banana leaf, Kuya's Lumpia which intrigues me with the stuf inside the lumpia, the Kusina ni Gracia which serves flavorful Filipino cuisines, and for the dessert Mister Donuts and the Buko ni Fruitas. It's really a gastronomic experience. Try to experience the flavor at the foodcourt lower ground floor of SM City San Lazaro.

Buko Ni Fruitas
Then, I had my another round of hunting and got something for the kids. As usual I always thought of the kids whenever I'm in the mall. It was really evening when I finished roaming and looking for something good.

It was a fun experience, a time for me and some things for the kids! I'm sure if the kids are with me and my wife, half day isn't enough to stroll and shop around.

Hope you had fun shopping too!

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