Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walang Hanggan, A Tragic Ending

It's very common in a Pinoy setting of love story that a couple ends up in a happy ending.  The guy saves the girl from the bad guy, a slight action happens, the girl kisses the guy and poof it ends up with a great beautiful background with both of them happy kissing together.  But for this specific Pinoy love story, Walang Hanggan, the director perhaps made some quite few changes from the monotony of love story, they made it tragic enough to make a mark for the teleserye industry.   I could say that they've done it and I think they have marked everyone's heart with their heart felt ending because the entire country err the entire Filipino nation were morning together with the character of Dawn Zulueta (Emily) and Richard Gomez (Marco) with the death of Coco Martin and Julia Montes' character Daniel and Katerina.

The love story of Daniel and Katerina did happen in the after life and that's where they have their Walang Hanggan na pag-ibig.

I think the Walang Hanggan teleserye will be one of those teleserye that will be missed by most Filipinos.

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