Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Au's Cakes, The Sweetest Cakes

Cupcakes have always been an easy target for snacks. Aside from being a bite size it is much a available and will always be available on grocery stores. Of course those are the manufactured ones created and produced by bulk. It is an unauthentic flavor for it is baked to last quite sometime.

Before the holiday I was able to visit the place where other food critics had made their opinions about the sweetest and tasteful cup cakes, the Au's Cakes. Yes, these cupcakes are found not in a fancy bakery or cake houses but was only displayed in one of the stalls in a weekend market in a subdivision, Philam life.

Who would have thought that one of the sweetest and tasteful cupcake can be found in a place like a weekend market.

I was able to meet the family behind the cupcakes and thanks to Aldous, who is by the way the son of the owner, Ms. Aurora Su Calubad. Aside from meeting them I get also a chance to ask some questions. One of my question is why stay in one of the stalls of the weekend market when the taste of the cakes itself is already criticized by food critics and have already been written in some leading newspaper? Well according to them it is much better that way that they don't have to oblige themselves too much of the possible expenditures and besides they are already well known that way.

Another question was why not create a bigger version of their cupcakes? They want to stay it as a cupcake because it won't be the cupcake that made them known if it was created bigger. Perhaps they wanted it that way to seal in the flavor that it should have. So what can I say about the cupcakes? Well, it is one of the flavorful cupcakes that I have tasted, a flavorful cupcake. Among the flavors that I have tasted I like their red velvet cupcake. Aside from the one I've tasted there are also different flavors like the banana, carrots and chocolate. So if you got curious about this cupcakes that I've tasted just visit them at their stall at the weekend Market in Philam Life Village.

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