Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Fave TV Station For The Netizen's Choice Award

Over the years people get addicted to things that he or she loves to do and at present one of the most prominent thing for a person to do while in the house is none other than watch TV.   Slouch on the sofa, get the remote, press and start choosing a channel.  That's it and we're hooked!

For me, there are certain aspects or criteria to like a TV station.  One must have a good set of programs enticing enough to get me fixated, right timing or schedules of the programs, and perhaps relevance of the programs to the viewers. Hahaha! I'm sounding like a professional TV viewer! But I'm not. Well, it's just my own opinion.

Okay so much with the opinion thingy and lets get down to business, with a groggy voice like Rambo.

To give a balance judgement to what station I would vote let me cite first some of the things that in my opinion goes well with the different TV Station. Take note this is my opinion and how I look at every station.

To start my citation, first is the GMA 7 which did great with their documentaries and before they did have great fantaseryes to watch but lately they have been loosing their edge on that; second is the TV 5 which I commend for having some good set of new programs but there are some that still needs more formatting; lastly is the ABS CBN 2 in which they have constantly developed new and marking programs like their teleseryes with great stories, also they have been consistently delivering trending shows. Of course they also have errors in their line or work and I it's prevalent to all networks. It's part of their work and nobody's perfect.

So you have read my thoughts about them and now it's time to vote...

My favorite or most liked TV station is....


and that's for having the criterias that I have mentioned earlier. Of course that's my criteria. They have developed good sets of programs, they have put their programs on the right time and schedule, and they touches the heart of the viewers making us, viewers into the shoes of the characters they've created.

The opportunity to be heard and to vote for my favorite TV station was brought by the big three blogs of,, and If you want to do the same just head on the link and read the mechanics

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