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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Getting an OLED TV in 2021? Here’s an Information to know about screen burn-in

7:20:00 AM


Games, movies, and other stuff to watch on the big screen of your OLED TV or your still planning to have one just like me. Unfortunately, for me it will probably take a little bit more time before I acquire one but if you are eager to have your own now, here's something that you might want to know about OLED TV. 
The demand for OLED TVs is still on a steady rise in 2021. According to Consumer Reports, more brands are expected to come out with entry-level OLED sets to make it more accessible to people looking for affordable TVs with 4K quality.

That being said, however, the concern over screen burn-in is expected to also grow alongside it. But what is it exactly and what causes it?

Simply known as “burn-in,” this is a permanent defect in areas of a TV display that can be caused by cumulative effects of displaying the same image or scene for long periods of time. This usually starts as an image retention—when a TV shows what appears to be a shadow of the original image even after it has disappeared.

OLED TV at a local airport waiting area with burn-in, as evidenced by the dark shadow in the middle of the screen.

OLED displays are much more susceptible to burn-in because it relies on the self-emissive nature of its individual pixels. Therefore, when a TV is on for hours, the pixels that light up a static image can “burn in” due to pixel aging with its brightness diminishing to a lower state.

In the past there have been reports of OLED TVs installed at prominent spots such as the Incheon International Airport that showed signs of burn-in that can make customers worry about the long-term reliability of the device.

OLED TV owners might be able to fix the problem and prevent permanent damage by turning down an OLED TV’s brightness and avoid leaving static images on for several hours or even days. Some displays have “pixel refreshers” that automatically shift an entire image on TVs by a few pixels.

They can also prevent burn-in by consuming less of certain types of content that show static graphics remaining on screen for a long period of time. These types of content can include news channels and live sports that show scores, tickers, and channel logos as well as video games that show health meters, status bars, or maps on a certain part of the screen.

But even then, there is still a possibility that some images will be retained. The static image somewhat disappears when switching channels but eventually, it becomes a major cause of concern when the image is already transfixed on the same spot. It becomes a constant eye-sore and the only way to enjoy watching their TV again is by buying a new one.

To check for burn-in, a popular method called the gray screen test will let you see image retention and burn-in more clearly. Samsung has also developed a burn-in detection video test for easier checking.

If you’re an OLED TV owner and are looking to switch, consider opting for a QLED TV instead because this TV technology uses a backlight to provide brightness. This means that the pixels aren’t susceptible to uneven aging, which ensures that the screens are safe from burning in.

For more information about Samsung’s unrivaled QLED 8K technology, visit

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kapuso CoLab Creates a Venue for Digital Content that is Proudly Kapuso

12:31:00 PM

One of the leading television network in the country, GMA Network, with its commitment in providing digital innovation in the landscape of entertainment scene, brought this celebration of Filipino talent, the Kapuso CoLab. It is a content-creation event that will bring together top Kapuso artists and the country's leading digital influencers.

This is an interesting venue and resources for GMA artists, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, and social media personalities to create various digital content that is proudly Kapusong Pinoy. As GMA Kapuso continues to digitally innovate, this is how Filipino talent celebrate, the Kapuso CoLab way.

Several GMA personalities like Jennylyn Mercado, Lovi Poe, Tom Rodriguez, Jasmine Curtis Smith, Rocco Nacino, Andre Paras, Pauline Mendoza, Vince Vandorpe, Gil Cuerva, and Therese Malvar graced the event.

Bubble Gang stars Andrea Torres, Juancho Trivino, Lovely Abella, Arny Ross, and Diego were also present in Kapuso CoLab 2018.

Kapuso singers and The Clash contenders Garrett Bolden, Mirriam Manalo and Josh Adornado had a chance to perform with South Border in Playlist Live than evening.

Social media influencers Baninay Bautista, Benedict Cua, Edric Go, Agassi Ching, Richard Juan, and Raf Juane were also present and had their respective collaborations with several Kapuso artists.


During the Kapuso CoLab, stars and digital influencers collaborated in creating their very own videos at the Kapuso Online Exclusives Studio. While at the ArtisTambayan Station, digital influencers were be able to interview the cast of GMA's various drama, comedy, and variety programs. Kapuso singers performed with South Border and Brisom Band at the Playlist Live stage.

The most active arm of GMA, it's online advocates, Kapuso Brigade was also present during the Kapuso CoLab to highlight and meet their favorite Kapuso stars. Part of their content creations were using the various pop-up booths around the studio, including the 360-degree glam booth.  The KB members played 'Hop Pico Piko,' a mobile app inspired by the classic Pinoy street game piko, at the GMA NMI (New Media, Inc.) booth.

Kapuso fans were also invited to join the event online by watching live on

This event, which is a first for the network, in held in partnership with Trampoline Park, J.Co Donuts and Coffee, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics,, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff Mule, Andy Cola,, Dolce Biela Cakes, Desserts, and Carts, Color Me Photobooth and Events, Pink Lemon Parties, Aperitif, Noix Gear, and Maybelline New York.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Buong Puso para sa Kapuso, GMA Network's New Station ID

8:24:00 AM

Celebrating years of serving the people! GMA Network gave their latest station ID as a tribute to its beloved viewers, dubbed as "Buong Puso para sa Kapuso". Featuring moments in GMA Network’s history and personalities from past and present that have touched Filipinos’ lives for decades. The SID shows the Network’s journey from a small radio station founded by Robert “Uncle Bob” Stewart to the country’s most respected, most trusted, and recognized media network.

What is being a Kapuso truly means? It is about pouring your whole heart into everything you do for the people you love because they deserve nothing less.

“We celebrate our success story and our shared values with our viewers who have been with us through the years. I hope our story serves as an inspiration to every Filipino striving to succeed in life and provide a better future for the people they love,” said GMA Network Chairman and CEO Felipe L. Gozon.
Also making the SID more colorful are the biggest Kapuso celebrities and the Network’s employees who came together and took part in the production of the SID, wearing vibrant outfits and beaming with smiles.

Internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist and GMA News Pillar Jessica Soho takes to heart the true essence of being a Kapuso. “Bilang Kapuso, isinasabuhay namin ang aming panatang magbigay ng tapat na balita at impormasyon sa ngalan ng Serbisyong Totoo,” said Jessica, who is a home-grown Kapuso.
Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes shared why he does everything for the viewers. “Yun talaga ‘yung essence ng pagiging Kapuso eh, ‘yung pagpapakita ng warmth sa isa’t isa. Minsan lang mangyari ito at ginagawa namin lahat ng ito para sa mga manonood,” Dingdong said.
Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, on the other hand, showed appreciation for the time she spent together with her fellow artists. “Ang saya na makita ko muli ang mga kapwa ko artista na nagsama-sama para sa mga Kapuso natin,” Marian said.
Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez shared her experience in recording the SID jingle with new Kapuso talents. “I am always excited to sing with other artists. I am flattered how these young talents look up to me,” Regine said.

So, have you watched GMA Network's latest station ID, which is dubbed as "Buong Puso para sa Kapuso"?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Final Four of Your Face Sounds Familiar Battles for the Title

5:55:00 AM

Are the faces of the final four of YFSF familiar to you even with their prosthetic? Well for sure people who have been watching Your Face Sounds Familiar for the past eight weeks have already know the celebrity contestants as every week they made changes of their faces. Out of the eight celebrities who accepted the challenge to impersonate different icons are now down to the final four which compose of Nyor Volante, Jay-R, Melai Cantiveros and Edgar Allan Guzman.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


9:56:00 AM
Sports fans! Here's something that you should be watching! FOX International Channels (FIC) Asia, News Corporation’s international multi-media business and Asia’s leading pay-TV network, announced today that FOX SPORTS will be showcasing the LIVE broadcast of the highly anticipated 2013 National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl XLVII on Monday, February 4 at 7.30am (HKT), featuring the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Fave TV Station For The Netizen's Choice Award

12:32:00 AM

Over the years people get addicted to things that he or she loves to do and at present one of the most prominent thing for a person to do while in the house is none other than watch TV.   Slouch on the sofa, get the remote, press and start choosing a channel.  That's it and we're hooked!

For me, there are certain aspects or criteria to like a TV station.  One must have a good set of programs enticing enough to get me fixated, right timing or schedules of the programs, and perhaps relevance of the programs to the viewers. Hahaha! I'm sounding like a professional TV viewer! But I'm not. Well, it's just my own opinion.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Orange Magazine TV Relaunched

7:51:00 PM
A month ago, I was luckily invited by the to their relaunched celebration at Gwielos in SM Mall of Asia.  It was Saturday and it was just right to have a night out event together with some other bloggers.

The Gwielos place was not that big but it's good enough to cater quite a number of attendees.  It was an evening of food, raffles, and fun.  There were lots of prizes that comes from's sponsors.  I think everyone who were there did win in the raffle and take note not once but twice.

Also opens their door for contributors and correspondents that will be sent to different events.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Will Be the First Pinoy Biggest Loser?

9:51:00 PM
The country’s biggest reality TV show “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” comes to an exciting finish when the Fab Five and other eliminated contestants come together for a final weigh-in that will determine who among Angela, Art, Hazel, Larry, and Raffy will lose the highest weight percentage since the start of the show and be declared the very first Pinoy Biggest Loser at the Grand Finale this October 8 (Sat) at the Ynares Stadium in Pasig.

Armed with the knowledge gained during their four-month stay in the Biggest Loser camp, the Bigating Pinoys continue their journey in the real world and undergo rigorous weight loss regimen without the help of trainers Chinggay Andrada and Jim Saret.

Through the weeks, viewers have seen how the reality show has transformed the contestants physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some have visibly lost weight, while others have gained more confidence. As they work towards the finals, the remaining Fab Five have their own strategies to win.

While sweethearts Hazel and Raffy try hard to work out twice a day, Art and Angela make sure they get enough sleep and have a balanced diet.

“All these years, I have carried so much burden, pain, humiliation, anger, and sadness. So every lost pound was like an excess baggage thrown away and a symbolism of the new me,” bar owner Art said.

By zooming in on the lives of overweight people and the negative impact of obesity on health, the program and its contestants have taught viewers how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and that losing weight can be achieved by exercising and eating the right food.

Hazel even considers joining the competition her second life, saying that it “unraveled the Hazel that has long been suppressed.” Though she admits that the whole world does not only revolve around losing weight, the Bigating Pinoys have proven that any obstacle can be overcome as long as one has the will and determination to reach his or her goal.

“There are times you gain weight instead of losing weight. You should exert more effort. Though there are times you fail, you should carry on and not give up," she said.

The two other contestants affirmed how the show has transformed their lives. Sporting a new and healthier physique, Larry plans to return to the police force. On the other hand, Raffy has changed his outlook in life. He used to make excuses that stood between him and his weight goal but he now realizes that change must start with oneself.

“You don’t need to be a contestant in 'Biggest Loser' to lose weight. You only need yourself,” he said.

While the transformation of the Fab Five is evident, only one of them will be declared the first Pinoy Biggest Loser and take home P1 million, a newly furnished condominium unit from DCMI Homes, a Vespa scooter, a 40" Sony Bravia Internet TV, Whirlpool appliances and a lifetime Fitness First membership.

The second placer will get P500,000, a Vespa scooter, Whirlpool appliances and one year Fitness First membership. On the other hand, the third placer will take home P300,000, a Vespa scooter, Fujidenzo Home Appliances, and one year Fitness First membership.

Not to be outdone are eliminated contestants Alan, Andy, Eboy, Edden, Eric, JM, Joy, Leigh, Ryan, and Winwin who will also battle at the grand finale weigh-in. The one who will lose the highest percentage of their initial weight will be proclaimed the At-Home Winner and will get P200,000 and one year Fitness First membership. Who will emerge as the first ever Pinoy Biggest Loser? Catch the “Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Wellness Fair and Grand Finale” on October 8 (Saturday) at the Ynares Stadium in Pasig, with host Sharon Cuneta, game master Derek Ramsay, and trainers Chinggay Andrada and Jim Saret.

Continue watching “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition” after “Guns and Roses” on ABS-CBN. For program updates, log on to, like it on Facebook and follow @BLPinoyEdition on Twitter.

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