Monday, December 3, 2012

Supremo, An Eye Opener

After watching the Supremo this Bonifacio Day, November 30, memories of my college days flashed.  It was the time that I learned and realized how educated and influential Andres Bonifacio is.  Also that was the time I learned things about unwritten events in history.  I really should know about this because it's what I love.

When I received the invitation to watch the advance screening of this movie, I said to myself that I wouldn't let it pass and I really want to watch this and see for myself how Andres Bonifacio is portrayed in this film.   Also I was able to watch an interview of Boy Abunda with Alfred Vargas and according to him he wanted to be remembered as an actor who played the role of Andres Bonifacio just like Cesar Montano who is known to play the role of Jose Rizal.   I was really excited to watch the movie.

After the movie I was overwhelmed.  My expectations where surpassed by how Alfred Vargas played and portrayed the life of Andres Bonifacio.  He sure did put justice on how Andres Bonifacio was always seen on textbooks and stories.  An new look of the Bonifacio that most of the students know and an eye opener on how his life was ended by fellow Filipinos.  

The writer of the film together with Director Richard Somes was able to come up with a good scenes and a good attack on how to portray the true nature of Andres Bonifacio. He was indeed a man, patriotic, human, lover, family oriented and a hero.  He may not have the military skill to run an army but he has the will, patriotism, and courage to overthrow the Spaniards.  

Alfred Vargas with The Bonifacio Clan
The story of the Supremo Andres Bonifacio is not just about his life but also about the situation that we all Filipinos are into it right now, the crab mentality which is prevalent in most of us.  Let us learn from the story of the Supremo.  Let us unchain ourselves from that negative mark and think of what we can do not for ourselves but for the whole country.  

With this film, the present generation of students will perhaps learn more about Andres Bonifacio and not just the person who started the Katipunan.  The film is open for school-viewing in both public and private schools and universities nationwide.

For special booking arrangements and for more information, please contact Sonny Guingab through mobile number 09173225903 or email

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