Thursday, January 31, 2013

GRIPS Over A Gel, A Wax & A Clay Equals Hair Fashion

A Gel, a Wax, and a Clay. What does these three have in common? Well simple, and there are two things that these three are common. It is a fact and it is true. One, these three are setting or styling agents that are used to make the crowning glory, slash our hair, a stand out. Our hair what makes us a little different from one another, though we may have the same style or hair cut, still, there’s a difference. Second commonality is the brand that holds these three styling agents called GRIPS which is under Skintec. These styling agents are the frontliners of GRIPS when it comes to hair styling.

GRIPS Hair Wax and Clay with an easy to open container.

Of course if they have commonalities they also have differences and I think the differences of these three are the materials used for the product, the end product or result of the styling agent, and of course the price.

The GRIPS Hair Gel, Crystal Clear

A Grips hair Gel is a styling agent that is designed to make ones hair ultra manageable that gives a maximum control and styling ability. You can easily set your hair anyway you want it. Also it gives the very wet look.

My son, Maki with his Hair Style when going to school.

I’m a hair gel guy and this Grips Hair Gel gives me the wet stylish look and holds the hair’s design that strong but just like any other gels it does not last long but hey it got a good scent so you won't have to get bothered by the smell.  Another good thing about this product is that it is a non-hypoallergenic product that is also okay for the kids. Since I got two active boys with a cool looking hair makes it easier to design a good look for them. They can go from a plain innocent look to a radically styled hair. They really like the spiky look more likely of a super saiyan thing.

My Son, Gelo, used the GRIPS Hair Gel as well while I used the GRIPS Hair Wax

The Grips Hair Wax is something new for me, though there’s a bulb in my thought when I’ve heard the term “wax”. It’s like an old styling agent that is used by the not so old ones. I think you know it already. Of course this one is more than that.

GRIPS Hair Wax, with easy to open container.

The Grips Hair Wax is according to them coined as the FlexiStyle or Flexible Styling. I don’t really have an idea about this but when I started using the product it made me realized that it is indeed flexible. What I like more about this product is the shiny look aside from the way it holds the hair.  I'm beginning to like this hair wax already.


The Grips Clay FX, the clay term for hair styling is not new for me because I have used before a different brand with a similar product. I didn’t used it too long because I don’t like the stickiness that it has. With Grips Clay FX I really like the effect that it brings to my hair, dry but with an attitude.  I'm not a clay guy so I'll be using this product not too often.

Now, with all of these three at a reasonable price and available almost everywhere, I can set my hair for six days alternately. My only problem would be the 7th day. What do you think, is it a rest or what?

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