Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Max's Restaurant's New Face

The best way for a story to be told is to have a storyteller and for big brand like Max's Restaurant big name from the entertainment industry is needed as well to continue the story telling and the best name that qualifies for that is the well loved artist of this generation none other than Coco Martin.  Yes, Coco Martin is the newest face and brand ambassador of Max's.  According to Max's officials, Coco Martin's name came most popular among the actors of this generation and that's why they have him now as one of their growing family.

A few weeks ago correspondent Justin had a chance to meet the newest face of Max's Restaurant and listened to what the story behind the shooting of the newest TV Commercial and of course an insights or should I say trivias about the actor and the director.  Here's his story about it.

I have always wanted to meet Coco Martin in person and when Kwento Ni Toto was invited for the media launch I presented myself to be the correspondent.  It's a great opportunity not only for Kwento Ni Toto to feature Max's Restaurant's new face but for me as well.  So what transpired during the media launch?  Just relax, read, I'll zip much with the gustos and let me lead you, readers, to a wonderful and trivia filled day about Max's.  

For our first trivia, which was disclosed by Coco Martin himself, is - Coco Martin was once part of Max's Restaurant when he was still studying.  No wonder he keep on saying that he's at home with Max's.  According to him he was a waiter at the Fairview branch of Max's.  

Second trivia - Coco Martin was first discover by a talent scout in Max's Restaurant while serving food and that's where he pick up the rest became who he was right now.

Third trivia - Coco Martin did not instantly make acting as his full time career not until he finished his studies.  

Fourth trivia - The director for Max's TV commercial was none other than the award winning Director Brillante Mendoza.

Fifth trivia - Director Brillante Mendoza disclosed that this is his first time to collaborate and work with Coco Martin and Max's in a TV commercial.

 "We prepared for this project by really understanding the message of Max's.  We want to translate this through a stimulating story that communicates the parallelism of Max's heartwarming story with Coco's own struggles and successes.  This is my first time to collaborate with Max's and Coco for a TV campaign and I feel honored to be part of this project," said Mendoza during an interview.

Sixth trivia - Coco Martin is not only the one who once a part of the Max's family but also Director Brillante Mendoza as well.  He was once a Production Manager in one of the branches of Max's.  No wonder he understands easily what Max's wants to come out of this project.

Both the artist and the director shared a common path with Max's and that's what they wanted to share in the latest TV commercial of Max's.  Here's what Max's officials says about it.  

  Coco captured our attention because of his life story.  In a lot of ways, he shares values that are inherent to Max's - passion for what you do and love for the Filipino Family. This is how Max's story unravels everyday," shared by Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for Max's Restaurant.

"Hard work reaps its benefits. This is the parallelism between Coco Martin and Max's. We believe that just as Max's sarap to the bones fried chicken is the perfect pair to any occasion  Coco Martin is also the perfect match for Max's", Caper said.

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