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Wangfu Chinese Cafe, Enjoy A King's Feast

It's the first food review of Kwento Ni Toto for this year and since it's New Year new things will happen.  To start the tease for the changes I mentioned in one of my post that there will a Monday Jam for music and today which is for food, restaurants, recipes, drinks or everything that deals with food and drinks will fall under Tuesday Appetite.  Of course I know most foodie events are done on weekends so I'll just make sure to have it posted on Tuesdays so readers will know what they'll be expecting on that day.  So expect more!

So for our Tuesday Appetite we will be having a Singaporean and Cantonese Cuisines from Wangfu Chinese Cafe.  The place is located at Il Terrazzo Mall in Tomas Morato.  It's just around the place of Tomas Morato where most of the best restaurants and bars in the metro are found.  Of course it is Quezon City which is dubbed is the City of Stars.  For those who will looking for the place it can easily be spotted.

Wangfu Chinese Cafe is a restaurant that serves Singaporean and Cantonese cuisine in a modern cafe.  The place is quite new and they just open last year of July.  The place is A okay and can accommodated a good number of customers.   Wangfu got it's name based from two meaning and that's according to the Owner.  One, it is the literal Chinese meaning of "Wang" and "Fu" which means "King or Prince" and "Place", respectively.  Join them together and will mean the King/Prince's Place or Place of a King/Prince.  The other one is taken from the Chinese surname of both owner which is "Wang" and still the "Fu" as a place or venue, so again put together defines as "Wang's Place".

It is indeed a clever definition because it is like having a King's feast in that place.  I couldn't explain much longer about the place for my thoughts are already drooling to explain how tasteful and enticing their dishes are.

The Cereal Prawn

What's left of the Cereal Prawns
What to expect in Wangfu Chinese Cafe?  Well, there are plenty of mouthwatering dishes to choose from.  I'll start first with the my top love dish, the crackling sweet Cereal Prawn.  I'm not sure if it has chocolate flavor in it but I sure love the idea of having the prawns sweetened a bit and mixed with cereals.  Next on the list is the Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork which is tasteful with the right mixture of sweetness and soury flavor plus the texture of the pork which is still crunchy even when it isn't hot anymore.  Love it very much!

Wangfu's Tea and the Crunchy Sweet and Sour Pork
Hainanese Chicken
Next dish that should be tried in Wangfu is their two kinds of chicken menu, the Hainanese and the Soy Chicken.  If you're into poached try the Hainanese Chicken together with its three different sauces and if you're into a different type try the Soy Chicken.  Which ever you choose you'll eventually get a nice flavorful taste of chicken.

Soy Chicken
Soy Chicken
Also there are other flavorful dishes the you can enjoy like the Beef Curry and the French Beans Stir Fry.  With the Beef Curry, you'll definitely enjoy the tenderness of the Beef and the curry flavor while with the French Beans Stir Fry there's a kick of spicy taste in it.

Beef Curry
French Beans Stir Fry
For the drinks, they have plenty of choices and I'm sure this one will be love by the kids their Milo Godzilla.  Who wouldn't love chocolate and ice cream.

Milo Godzilla
Of course a meal is not complete without the dessert and this is really one of the must have in Wangfu, the Traditional Ice Kachang and the Mango Kachang.  Choose which ever you like but both are so tasty and enjoying to eat.  What makes these two desserts enjoyable is how the ice was shred.  It's as fine as flour, so imagine that melting inside your mouth as you savor the sweet flavor.  Just a hint, be wise in demolishing the Traditional Ice Kachang.  You might end up messy.

Traditional Ice Kachang
Mango Kachang
In all, I can say that the foods in Wangfu Chinese Cafe are affordable.  Prices are ranging from a 100 plus to 300 and it's good already if you're having a date.  Both of you will enjoy the food and of course date.

Try something new and something different visit Wangfu Chinese Cafe to experience Singaporean and Cantonese Cuisines.

Wangfu Chinese Cafe
G/F Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Madrinan, Quezon City

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