Monday, February 25, 2013

PSY in Manila Concert Experience

It's rare for me to get invited in big time concerts and especially if it is a concert of big time foreign artists, that's why when I was invited to watch this once in a life time concert I made my self very sure to attnd this concert. It was the one night show of Psy, the Korean hit maker that sung the Gangnam Style. Take note as well, though it's embarrassing I admit this was my first time to watch in SM Arena. So, definitely I don't know the whereabouts and ways inside the arena, if ever I was alone I'll definitely get lost and ask for help. Good that my better half is with me, she has been here a couple of times already and perhaps she's more knowledgeable of the place.

This concert was first scheduled last year but was rescheduled for this year which is held right before the hearts' day. Not really sure what happened and why it was rescheduled.

The concert started a little bit late from its schedule but was heated up by Aiai De Las Alas when she steps into the stage and begun with her drance number and crazy antics. Since most of the audience were Koreans, Aiai made some good grin jokes like greeting the Korean “anyo nga seo” which sounded like “what is yours?” of course it is translated in Filipino. It sure made quite a laugh. Aside from jokes and dance, she also shows her singing and comedy act.

Later on the audience got even livelier with the performance of the comic duo, Jose and Wally. Sing, dance and of course comedy act of the two, initiating and interacting with the audience.

Then the main event comes, the time and the person that most of the audience are looking for, none other that PSY. Fluent with his English grammar he came out of the dark into the stage requesting to lit up the entire arena, so he could see all the audience. This is quite interesting because most of the concerts that I've been the audience area are usually unlit and the stage is the only place with the spot lights. What's more interesting is that PSY requested for everybody to enjoy, interact, and have fun as he perform for the audience. Though he knows the audience won't be able to understand his song he was happy that the Filipino audience enjoyed and dances with PSY's Korean music.

Of course every good things are reserved for last and PSY's last song was what everybody is waiting for, the hit music GANGNAM STYLE. Me, I did enjoy the show and I was dancing along with everybody. It seems short but it's worth it!

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