Saturday, March 30, 2013

LoveZone, Isabelle De Leon's Album

Have you watch Daddy DiDoDu?  Well, if you do, you'll definitely find the resemblance of who the lady on cover of the album LoveZone.  She's one of those little princesses of Vic Sotto in the sitcom.  The sitcom lasted for seven years so by now you've already remember who she was.  

If you're still in the blank mood, well, the lady is none other than the little Duday in the sitcom.  That little cutie is no longer little, she have grown now and taking the name Isabelle De Leon in the music industry.  Yup, she's into music and her genre is somewhat uncommon because she's more into rock just like Yeng Constantino but on a different league.

She composed her own songs, she plays the instruments, and what's complete the package whole package is that she sings very well.  I like her voice.  Not the usual sweetly petite but a strong and powerful one.  Her musical inclination was inspired by her musician dad who taught her to play different musical instruments.

Her Album LOVEZONE is composed of six (6) songs about love, heartbreaks,
  1. Feelingero - this is her first composition way back when she was 16 and it's about young love.
  2. One Week to Move on - is about dealing with emotions around heartbreaks.
  3. Alice Wonders - she goes playfully poetic yet i
  4. nspirational on this.
  5. Pag-ibig ko'y Sayo - speaks of love that is unconditional.
  6. Sa Yakap Mo - "Magtatago ako sa init ng iyong Yakap" is the line that says it all in her comforting track.
  7. Friend Zone - speaks of unrequited love.
As I listened each one of the track on this album I think this are all her personal experiences that gives her inspiration in creating these songs.

"LoveZone" is now available in the market released by Polyeast Records for P200.00.  Special thanks to Pony, Hairshaft Salon and Outdoor Products.

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