Sunday, March 3, 2013

SM City Manila 3 Day Sale Adventure

Kwento Ni Toto shares his adventure in SM City Manila 3 Day Sale as he roams around the entire mall together with the kids as the sale event welcomes shoppers on its last day. As expected customers are there to shop or window shop but it seems that the number of individuals who shops are much greater than those who window shop. Perhaps the main reason for this is that there are really plenty of items to buy that will make shoppers to contemplate whether to buy or not to buy, especially if the item is really on sale and far beyond the price of its usual cost.

So what were Kwento Ni Toto's adventures? Well it all started with getting to the place of course and thank God for Sundays, road traffic is not that bad. Perhaps the only thing that is a nuisance for this day is the weather. Extremely hot in the morning then a little bit of rain showers in the afternoon, a very bad weather. I just pray that I won't get sick tomorrow.

SM City Manila, just like in our previous coverage it is indeed a small mall that can be roamed in a few hours plus if you include the visit to every boutiques and shops. Kwento Ni Toto's most likely place here is the foodcourt and the restaurant's area, it fills our appetite and for this day we visited Yoshinoya for our lunch. A nice bowl of Gyoudon and Yakiniku fill our empty stomachs. Of course we need to energize before going to the main course which is the shopping.

Kwento Ni Toto's main plan for today is to shop for a babies sandals and something to entertain not only me but the kids as well. Before we head on with our main purpose of course we do some searching first that might change what I wanted to buy for today. Though there are plenty of good item on discount most of them are for the ladies. So it didn't change my aim for today.

What we got on the kid section is a light weight sandals that can be used by our little Gelo unfortunately all the items on sale are too big for him so we settle to something a little bit cheaper but good on his feet. You can see below showcasing all our grabs.

Then we head on to the video and music section where we found some CDs on sale which is a buy take one so we only pay half the prize of the CD and we get an additional CD. Of course since Kwento Ni Toto wanted to watch again the animated movie of Lorax that's what we bought together with another CD which is for kids.

Today's adventure closed with our merienda at a milktea store.

Did you visit the sale today? What was your grabs? Hope you could share it here.

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