Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Axe Philippines, 20,000+ Filipinos Signed Up For Space

Here's an update about Axe Philippines aim to send one Filipino on Space.  Axe Philippines already released the number of Filipinos who signed up to be the first ever Filipino in space and it's still counting.  It was over 20,000 Filipinos have signed up for a chance to win a trip to actual space with hundreds more signing up every day for AXE Philippines’ search for the first Filipino astronaut.

“Over half a million people from all over the world have joined AXE’s space program with the Philippines among the top countries to join at No. 5 – next to the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, and France,” reports AXE Brand Manager Gem Laforteza. “I think that’s mainly because this is a big first for our country.” The Philippines is the only Asian country in the list thus far with Russia, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain completing the Top 10.

AXE’s promise to make heroes out of regular guys (or girls) has fueled a something of a space craze, with even celebrities all over the world expressing their intention to join. Among the local celebrities who have signed up for the space race are celebrity radio jocks Tony Bueno (Tony Toni) and Eric Virata (Slick Rick) from Magic 89.9’s hit three-man show Boy’s Night Out (BNO).

Sam Gogna (Sam YG), the third man of the BNO trio, will be part of the panel of judges that AXE Philippines has appointed to choose the two contenders who will be joining 103 others from all over the world at the AXE Apollo Global Space Camp in the U.S. “If Tony and Slick make it to the space camp in Florida, they’ll be in for an out-of-this-world experience. It’s going to be crazy,” Sam comments. “They’re out to win. But they’re going to have to beat everyone else in the National Challenges. Walang special treatment for the Boys,” he adds.

On the day that AXE announced the space program globally, the news quickly spread on Facebook and Twitter. The announcement post on the AXE Philippines fan page reached over 3.7 million Filipinos on Facebook and the hashtag #FirstPinoyInSpace trended on Twitter the morning after.

Globally, the Axe Apollo Space Academy website has received almost 4 million votes – 200,000 of which were from the Philippines. AXE has also been busy on YouTube with their SuperBowl Ad “Lifeguard” that clocked in 1 million views to date.

“Girls love a guy with a story, and this year Axe Apollo will give 22 guys one hell of a story. Hundreds of others from over 60 countries will also come over for three-day Axe Apollo Global Space Camp. Legendary spaceman Buzz Aldrin is also at the helm of the program, because he’s the man that represents everything that’s cool and awesome about being an astronaut,” says Russell Taylor, Axe Global Vice President.

Second man on the moon Buzz Aldrin has also been outspoken about his enthusiasm for AXE’s space program: “This is the future of space travel, where ordinary folks could get to experience in some ways what I have,” he says.

The program will culminate with an international crew of 22 astronauts who will be sent to space by the global fragrance brand AXE and international space travel agency Space Expedition Corporation (SXC). AXE Philippines has confirmed that there will be one guaranteed seat for a Filipino who will become the first Pinoy in space.

AXE Philippines Brand Manager Gem Laforteza expresses his appreciation for the massive outpour of support from aspiring Pinoys. “The number of applications we’ve gotten on proves na hindi magpapahuli ang Pinoy. Everywhere in the country, people are talking about becoming the country’s next modern-day national hero. We at AXE Philippines are very happy to be part of this great moment in our history,” he says.

A hero’s welcome is waiting for you, so sign up now to be the first Pinoy astronaut. For more information on how to sign up for the Axe Apollo Space Academy, log on to (direct Philippines link: Interested applicants may submit their entries until May 2013.

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