Thursday, April 4, 2013

COBO, Experience Awesome Possibiliteas

Since summer is here already Kwento Ni Toto indulge into a bursting tea experience this month. Thanks to Mommy Jo and Ms. Donna Andrada for opening the gates of awesome possibilities.

Recently, Cobo opened their latest branch in Sta. Lucia East Mall, Cainta, Rizal. This is their 20th branch after Cobo had finally boomed and soared high as the demand for milk tea beverages increased its popularity. Making a good impact to the public and attracting more customers.

Cobo provides an awesome possibility and experience with their offerings, from drinks to snacks, they make sure to satisfy the needs of their customers, thus making them enjoy more and of course return to them once more.

The opening of the store was done with an unusual ribbon cutting, instead they add up something to make it more interesting. Just like one of their product offerings, the burstea, they pop up some few balloons to signify that the store is now open then they cut the ribbon to welcome guests and customers.

The 20th store was blessed by a pastor (I think so) and dedicated to the Lord to make the store even more successful. There were the usual rituals made when establishments are being blessed.

Of course the day wouldn't be complete with out having a taste of their drinks and dishes. One at a time I was indulging myself for some bursting flavor of different treats.

First, was their milk tea which is just right for my thirst that day.

Next stop was the Bubble Burstea which I played around like a kid as I burst those popping pearls.  It's a different feeling every time I burst those pearls in my mouth and I personally enjoyed sipping and bursting a cup of Bubble Burstea. Flavorful and refreshing!

Of course if there is a refreshment to sooth the thirst there are also foodies for the hungry bellies.  It's their Taiwanese Tummy Treats and one of them is Squid Wedges which I can assure you that all the bloggers loved it very much.

Followed by their pork siomai which is still tasteful even without the sauce.

Another treats was the Chicken and Pork Chops that comes with two variant of sauces, sweet and spicy and barbeque, Actually I couldn't tell the difference by just looking at it.

Lastly, and to complete the whole experience was the Snow Cream, it was tagged as the "Ang Dessert na di mo Inakala", I really enjoyed it very much, the colorful, the presentation with 12 different kinds of pearls and jellies, ohhhh just tempting.  This is the first time I tried this kind of dessert.

While having treats, tasting and consuming it they were able to story tell some of the details about Cobo. This is the first that I met Cobo so I asked what the meaning of Cobo is and according to them it’s an acronym for Company of Bubbles. They are the distributor of raw materials for bubble teas here in the Philippines so they got an edge with the other tea stores. Guess what I even got a DIY milk tea which I will share soon.

What’s more interesting with Cobo is the design of their logo with the different images characterizing their products. The logo and design is very attractive and pleasing to the eye, especially to cosplayers because of their Japanese style of drawings.

Had a great time that day and I’m looking forward for the opening of their next branch. Watch out for it here in Kwento Ni Toto.

For more information visit their facebook account and follow them on twitter @awesome_cobo and instagram awesome_cobo

G/F Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Cainta, Rizal

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