Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get Real & Watch Pinoy Reality TV

TV experience is about to change and that's according to Pinoy Reality TV, as they revolutionize the viewing experience of Pinoys.  Recently, Kwento Ni Toto correspondent was able to participate in an intimate event which includes the staff behind Pinoy Reality TV.

In our traditional TV viewing we usually watch the Teleseryes, showbiz talk show, movie, news and variety shows on a specific schedule or time slot that sometimes we tend to miss, specially our favorite ones.   Well, those days is already history with the presence of the internet, everything is just a click away and can be viewed online. I've learned also through our conversation about the Push and Pull. The traditional TV is called a "Push" because it follows a definite schedule or time of airing, you cannot choose because it's already set so you need to follow the schedule. While the "Pull" is the latest style of watching shows through online because viewers can choose when to watch it or log on the specific site to watch a missed series or show.

So Pinoy Reality TV offers plenty of shows to watch online, new ones or the trending ones. Launched in 2012, Pinoy Reality TV is an online creative content provider via portal which is powered by As a trivia, Pinoy Reality TV first ever content was the LOL of Mariel Rodriguez which I once featured here in my blog last year.

The choices that pinoyRealTV offers are vast and varied  new shows that are all yours for the taking are the following:

  • Urban Tribe - an all access pass to the city's biggest gigs and events and a guide to the trendiest hotspots in the metro
  • Unique Places - features must-check-it-out places with great recreational facilities and are of special interest
  • Pinoy Indies - a showcase for Pinoy digital films, both full-lengths and shorts
  • Promdi Chef - a show that combines gastronomy with travel with an Ilonggo Chef as the "promdi chef"
  • Suit Up - a fashion and business segment that features wardrobe tips, office designs that suit your lifestyle and needs and success stories of small to medium scale entrepreneurs.
  • The Workplace - where experts from different corporations give us an overview of how to achieve and ideal work environment
  • Jojo Alejar's Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A.

They also got an upcoming productions like

  • Hot Seat - which promises to be the ultimate showbiz talkfest. Anchored by showbiz experts Eddie Littlefield, Alex Brosas ad Julie Bonifacio. It will brings you the latest showbiz news, reports, scoops and insights. Another interesting segment of the show features special guest celebrities who willingly take the challenge - "Handa ka na bang ma-Hot Seat?"
  • Heart-ista Advice - where celebrities like musicians actors and hard court heartthrobs lend an ear and dispense love and life lessons to those in need of a friend and ally
  • It's Me Avel - the fashion and lifestyle show of the country's Fashion Designer Extraordinaire Avel Bacudio.

With the abundance of networking sites like Facebook, Twitter , Myspace, AIM, Google+ and other social networking sites, pinoyRealTV was able to strengthen its hold on a large number of online audience and broaden its reach.

Indeed, the best is yet to come from pinoyRealTV, bigger things and more viewer-friendly shows are up ahead as we face the future of television.

So heads up now to go online and experience an enticing shows that gives you different approach. Don't be off on what is trending now, just log on and be mesmerize on what the site store for you.

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