Saturday, August 24, 2013

What To Expect at Thunderbird Resorts and Their Online Double Down Game

What comes to your mind when the word resort is mentioned? I think you're thinking of beach, vacation, swimming pool, and hotel. You're right and what about when the Province Rizal is mentioned? Probably you'll be telling about the wood carvings, artists, Higantes Festival and of course the petroglyphs. Well, that's right and that's where Kwento Ni Toto had its escapade. The place is found somewhere in the Province of Rizal.

Great sky background looking at the Thunderbird signage.
I believe it is one of the good place near the metro and it is a good place to have fun, relax, and enjoy. It is a place to put off the worries of work in the office and far away from the dreadful smogs in the city.

Ms Pia of Thunderbird Resort keeping the bloggers informed
and entertained on board the bus bound to Thunderbird Resort in Rizal
My Arrival at Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal
Thunderbird Resort is the place and it is one of the place in Rizal where you can definitely have some time with yourself. A place where most of everything that you need to relax is fused in just one place. Yes, in a short span of our stay and from the slight tour that we had I can say that there are quite a lot of things to enjoy in Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal.

Restaurants & entertainment centers are available inside the resort. From their newly created Videoke Rooms to the Casino area where visitors will definitely enjoy more things inside the resort. One of the restaurants that was visited by the bloggers and yours truly was the Koi Restaurant where you can enjoy delightful cuisines. We sure did taste of them during our stay there and perhaps some are just acquired tasted. Aside from the Koi Restaurant there are also other restaurants like The Pool Bar and the Cabana Bar.

There are performances and other activities inside the resort and with their big event center celebrating in this place can sure make it a bang. Their event center can cater around 350 to 400 guests if it is a wedding and around 500 guest if it is a conference or class type. Too bad I had my weddding with my ex-girlfriend seven years ago.

Close to the event center area and just a few steps away is their entertainment for the risk takers. What else but the casino. According to Mr. Fabio Moretti, Country Manager of Thunderbird Resorts Asia the casino in Thunderbird Resorts in Rizal have 447 slot machines and 34 gaming tables like the usual casino table games to name some are the Bacarat, Poker and more. Of course this kind of entertainment are for those who love to take some risky games. Speaking of games Thunderbird Resort launched their online game for those who want to experience a bit of doing risky game. Their Double Down online game is basically the virtual version of their casino. So if you're not into risking the real thing then perhaps you can do some risky game on this one without loosing the real thing. Just visit their website and look for the Double Down then register with your Facebook Account. High risks are good when played intelligently.

Also this coming end of August they'll be raffling their Win Cars 2 for a chance to bring home big cash prizes or drive home a brand new 2013 Toyota Vios. Raffle draw will starts at 6PM. So for those who wants to win this just visit their site or their Facebook fan page ThunderbirdResort to read the mechanics.

Now, this is a good place to enjoy the serenity of the high grounds and take note I'll be coming back to this place to enjoy more and longer. Very soon!

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