Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Experience Ginger's Cafe Bistro in Angeles City

Kwento Ni Toto experienced the food in Ginger's Cafe Bistro!  Yup, Toto did experience it and it was superb.  A rare experience coming from an adopted resident of Pampanga, though it wasn't official perhaps the length of 10 years span of working in Clark may somewhat make a good appeal to be called adopted.  For that time there are few places in Pampanga that made a good mark on my palate.  I'm not a picky eater but I sure know the taste of good food when I savor one.

Last Thursday was something new.  It was something different than the usual though the main ingredient is familiar.  The style of cooking, the delivery, the approach, and the added ingredients are new.  Of course that's according to me and myself but you can still deviate with my thoughts if you want to.  Hahaha!

Anyway, back to where we are supposed to be.  If you read or heard the word "ginger" what comes to your mind?  Well, for me its the "spice" or commonly called "luya", that is one of the healthy spices ever discovered.  It may not be foreign for me but the uses and the benefits is still much to learn.  Well, for one I make it as a tea which is called "salabat" and two it is also good as a medicine.  For Ginger's Cafe Bistro, two things, one is the name of the owner's daughter, Ginger, and the other one is that their using it as ingredient in most of their dishes.  More of a medicinal thought!

The place where they are right now is an old French Restaurant, so basically they didn't change much about the look of the place except for the paints and of course the furniture that they prefer to match the Western European ambiance, other than that it is still the same.  So for those who have been to that place they'll simply notice it.

The place is not hard to find as long as your just along the Perimeter Road.  Or if you get lost just ask the place from the locals they'll easily point you there.  Ginger's Cafe Bistro is one good place for gimmick with friends if you're in the area.

Since this is a restaurant let's get it on with the main event, the FOODS.

The pride of Ginger's Cafe Bistro is their very own "Lemon Ginger Chicken".

Lemon Ginger Chicken
This Lemon Ginger Chicken is serves with a good plating of Savory Half Chicken, marinated in lemon and ginger with special herbs and spices, baked to perfection with lemon butter gravy and baked potatoes.  What's great enjoying this chicken is that it is baked so just perfect for healthy conscious people.

A meal course wouldn't be heated up without an appetizers, a well mixed "Ginger's Garden Salad".

Ginger's Garden Salad
This is Ginger's Cafe Bistro's signature salad, crispy romaine lettuce, arugula, romaine curly endive, sun dried tomato, candied wall nuts and grapes in strawberry ginger dressing.   This salad is just mixed to get your taste buds get into the mood.

The "Spinach Omelet Sashimi" is also great for the healthy buffs.  It is a healthy mixture of egg and spinach, served in sashimi way.

Spinach Omelet Sashimi
Toto is a pasta lover so this one is truly a must.  The "Fusilli Napolitana Pasta", sauteed tomato, garlic, onion, chopped parsley with tomato sauce tossed in spiral pasta topped with basil leaves.  Hmmm yummy!  Then, it is greatly complimented with the "European Ham Sandwich", romaine lettuce, Spanish salami, Serrano Ham, tomato, onion and cheddar cheese.  Both of these dish are good enough to fill your hungry tummy because of Ginger's Cafe Bistro's big servings.

Fusilli Napolitana Pasta and European Ham Sandwich
Savoring all these dishes needs something to clear the throat so Toto highly recommends their "Iced Tea".  It may looks the usual iced tea but wait till you taste it.  You'll definitely want to have more of it.  As I recall it was shared that the mixture of this iced tea got a portion of ginger and grenadine that taste not the usual iced teas.

This is Ginger's Cafe Bistro's version of "Iced Tea"
If you think it's all done, well think again because we still have dessert.  The "Classic Cheesecake" and the "Blueberry Cheesecake" completes the meal and it's even great partnered with coffee or tea.

The Cheesecake and Coffee
Serving with a smile, these are the team that serves and will serve for you.  Visit Ginger's Cafe Bistro!

Till next food experience!

588 Don Juico Ave., Clarkview, Malabanias,
Angeles City, Pampanga
(045) 598-1408

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