Sunday, November 10, 2013

Domex, A Call to One Million Clean Toilets

Kwento Ni Toto brings back Domex's call to fight bacteria and germs.  Yup we're bringing back the call and this time it's the Call to One Million Clean Toilets.  Though last year was the actual day of celebrating the World Toilet Day, this instance is the press conference of Domex's launch for the Call to One Million Clean Toilets.  One of Kwento Ni Toto's correspondent joins the media as big shots of the advocacy voice out their call to share and let the advocacy be heard online and offline.

The One Million clean Toilets Movement aims to encourage a culture of cleanliness by increasing the public's awareness on the importance of maintaining proper toilet sanitation through a series of year-long cleaning and education initiatives, starting with a multi-sector partnership with UNICEF, the Philippine Public Health Association, the city of Manila and Pilipinas Shell.

In this campaign, one of Domex's activity is to deputize Germ Busters through a series of training activities on the proper servicing of restrooms covering City Service employees, NLEX and SLEX Shell gas station service personnel, and selected school and hospital sanitation staff.

There was a demonstration done in the launch event at Patio Victoria in Intramuros.  They show how to properly clean the toilet and also the response of different agencies to get that one million clean toilets.  Here is the videos together with Dimples Romana as the host of the event.

As mentioned earlier this event is just the launch and the actual World Toilet Day will happen before the end of this month.  Last year it happened at the San Lazaro Hospital.  The main thrust of the event was to let people be aware.

"Good hygiene practices are learned at home, and what every household must understand is that proper sanitation is a necessity, not a luxury." said Domex brand Manager Dennis Chua

"Using common cleaning products such as detergents and bleach may result in clean surfaces, but without germ-killing agents, they cannot provide total disinfection. Regular use of a specialized cleaning product can significantly decrease levels of virus contamination, and minimize the contraction of illnesses like influenza, diarrhea and hepatitis, "Chua added

Presents during the event was Vice Mayor Isko Moreno and according to him Manila is very thankful that Unilever chose their city to be the beneficiary of this kind of movement, because it lessen their expenses for their health care program.  They promise that they will support Unilever all the way.

With this, individuals who will pledge to support the One Million Clean Toilets Movement via the Domex Philippines FB Page will also help grow a global fund to help improve access to basic sanitation in areas of need all over the world as Domex will donate P5 to Unicef's Sanitation Program for every pledge received.

So let us all join the movement and clean our own toilets with the use of their Domex products!

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