Saturday, November 2, 2013

The AXE Apollo-ing Fever and My Experience with the AXE Apollo Space Simulator

Great news for all Kwento Ni Toto fans, followers and readers!  We were able to meet Chino and Ramil, two of the three Filipinos who will be sent to train for space in AXE Apollo Space Camp in Florida this coming December.  They were present during the weekend event of Axe in Fort Bonifacio.  

Good news for all AXE fans, the no. 1 fragrance brand on the planet, will be sending 23 lucky people to space to celebrate the launch of their newest fragrance “AXE Apollo”.  The only bad news is that unless you're one of the 112 people on Earth set to train at the international AXE Apollo Global Space Camp in Florida this December just like Chino and Ramil but probably you're not.  Well if you're not one of those people set off to space then it's a good thing that AXE Philippines and FOX International Channels made a better use of the weekend last week.  To let people experience what it is like in space with zero gravity AXE set up the “AXE Apollo Space Simulator”.  This is a specially-designated facility for all you people who won't make it to actual space.

Intrigue and curious we tried the “AXE Apollo Space Simulator” and below are the pictures and a video of the space like experience.  It feels weird and thought that it was just like the jump shots that we usual take.  The catch is the AXE's space simulator's epic 360-degree video of yourselves floating in zero-gravity.  This means that you're an astronaut already, at least in photos.

Now, if you didn't get a chance to be chosen as one of the representative of the Philippines for the training in Axe Apollo Space Camp or you weren't able to join the space simulator last weekend then perhaps you just do the "Apollo-ing" by yourself or with the help from your friends because AXE is having a contest with the "Apollo-ing" or the act of taking a photo that is made to look like you're defying gravity or much better on zero gravity.  Yup it is a contest where you could possibly win a GO PRO Cameras while doing it. Here's how to join:

  • Step 1:  Take an epic photo of yourself suspended in mid-air. (Tip: Make sure you look like you didn't exert an ounce of effort jumping up in the air and striking a pose, so you look like you're really in zero-GS).
  • Step 2: Post the photo on Facebook o Twitter or Instaggram with the hashtag #AXEApolloing
  • Step 3: Show th photo to all your frieds and perhaps even to total strangers (optional)
  • Step 4: You get a chance to win a GO PRO Camera!

For more information about how to Apollo, check out AXE Space Simulator and AXE Apollo-ing are brought to you by FOX International Channels, Canon, and Bonifacio Global City.

So start with the "Apollo-ing" now!

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