Monday, December 23, 2013

Boy Golden Mall Tour and an Interview with KC Concepcion

Kwento Ni Toto got a good glimpse of some of the cast of "Boy Golden" during one of their mall tour in Glorietta at their Activity Center.  The stage really surprised me very much after the show.  Didn't know that it was like that.

Just as expected people and mall goers are expecting the cast of Boy Golden.  As soon as the show started people started stopping and picked a better place to view their expected artists.

The first star to came out of the stage was Buboy Villar, which surprises everyone that this cute little child star before is now a teenager.  He made a song number for everyone and also played games with the fans who are watching the show.  Everyone are in the mood for the game and win some prizes.  Prizes of T-shirts, dvds and movie posters were given to the winners.

Since Buboy Villar made the crowd stop and watch, the next one made the ladies scream wildly.  John Estrada was the next one to come out of the stage and welcomed everyone.  Though he didn't made any number, he did explained his character in "Boy Golden".  John Estrada played the role of the rival of ER Ejercito's character and playing the villain role is not new to him but he did say he did his best under the direction of Direk Chito Rono.  Posters and T-shirts went flying as well after the interview.

As everyone is expecting the next who showed up on stage was the star of the night, no other than KC Concepcion, who made everyone thrilled.  As beautiful and sexy as ever, this actress made plenty of time to chat, roam around and say hello to all the people around the Glorietta Activity Center.  Fans was able to have a picture with her and of course it would be a night without her song number.  Afterwards she did made an effort to throw and giveaway T-shirts and posters.

After the show that's were the surprise is the stage, it got a very nice and big dressing room below.  That's where we did get a chance to interview KC Concepcion.  According to her, this was her first action movie and her first time to work with Direk Chito Rono.  So basically there are plenty of first on this movie.  One is that this is KC's first action drama, so better watch out on her moves.    More of the interview on this clip.

This action packed movie is inspired by a true story, the life of Arturo Porcuna alias "Boy Golden" played by ER Ejercito.  It said that Boy Golden was one of the most notorious gangster in Manila in the early 60's.  As what most gangsters do they intend to exterminate their rivals and for Boy Golden he was presumed dead, afterwards he returned with vengeance with the rival gang.  Along the way he met Marla Dee which was played by KC Concepction, a woman with a vindictive agenda just like Boy Golden.  The two of joins forces like Bonnie and Clyde as they pursue with their motive.

Boy Golden: Shoot To Kill The Arturo Porcuna Story starred by Jeorge "ER" Estregan, KC Concepcion, John Estrada, Eddie Garcia, Baron Geisler, Tonton Gutierrez, Jhong Hilario, Joem Bascon, Leo Martinez, Gloria Sevilla, Deborah Sun, Roi Vinzon.

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