Thursday, February 13, 2014

Leverage Works Celebrates 2nd Year To The Top

One of the biggest leap of a company is moving forward after their first year and for Leverage Works they have indeed made a big leap as they make their steps straight to the top.  Celebrating their 2nd Year Anniversary, Leverage Works Philippines dubbed their celebration "2 the Top" which was held last February 1, 2014 at Teatrino, Promenage Greenhills, San Juan City.

As most occasions does, the program will not get to start without having a welcoming address from the top man of the company and as for Leverage Works, Mr. Ricardo Bernardo their President welcomed everyone that night with a heartfelt greetings.  Then the night is enjoyed by everyone, members, founders, and guests.  Not only from Metro Manila but also those who came from different provinces like Cebu, Iloilo, and parts of the country where Leverage Works makes its name known to many.

A program would not be complete without entertaining performances who by way are members of the company as well.  It was indeed entertaining enough as if you were watching a variety show.  If they are good in networking and marketing then perhaps entertaining people is second to that.

Of course aside from  performances and awarding they also got raffles which got very cool prizes.  I'm pretty much sure that everyone who won that night couldn't get their big smiles off from their faces.
Another interesting part of the program was the inspiring talk of Go Negosyo Host, Mr. Michael Angelo Lobrin who talks about networking, success and making money.  What I like of his talk is that he breaks the thought that networking is easy.  According to him "NETWORKING IS NOT EASY, if anyone tells you that it is easy turn around and walk away."  Indeed it is not easy.   What everyone needs is "kapal ng mukha" (thick face), a big strong guts to face people and tell about your business.  One more interesting word from is HABITS.  We need to have good HABITS in order to be successful in life and that Habits will soon define us.

One more highlight of the night is the launching of Leverage Works' newest product which is the Greens & Mushrooms Coffee.  It's not a 3 in 1 coffee but an encapsulated health ingredients ranging from green leaves and a variety of mushrooms that can help with our health.
The night may not be as young as it is but the morning will always shine to Leverage Works as people underneath will keep empowering and sharing success to others through the business opportunity and the healthy products.  Happy 2nd Anniversary Leverage Works!

Leverage Works

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