Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kwento Ni Toto Experienced Night Sky Cinema Nuvali

Valentine's day for Kwento Ni Toto doesn't stop on that day as Nuvali sent an invitation to let us experience a Post Valentine's Date on the fields of Nuvali with their Night Sky Cinema . This is not their first event to happen because when the emcee asked who was there before a lot of hands were raised in the air. But for Kwento Ni Toto this is one of the first. Yes this is our first time to experience watching under the night sky here in Nuvali. What's great is that we get to experience it together with the special someone.

Enjoying the sunset right before the movie start with the cool breeze of wind under the cloudy sky is just way too cool to experience. It's really rare to experience a weather and a place like this.
Bean bags, pillows and mats in the center of the viewing area makes the experience more wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable. It's like watching at the comfort of your own room excluding the walls and the roof. Well, definitely the whole experience was like that.

I like movies but I'm not much of knowing who plays who. I just want to know the story, probably more of a story person. The movies shown are "You Got Mail" which is a 1998 American romantic comedy film directed by Nora Ephro and starred by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, "Eat, Pray, Love" is also a romantic comedy plus drama in 2010 starring Julia Roberts, and lastly "About Time" which another romantic comedy with drama about a young man who tries to change his past by travelling through time for a better future.  All these love stories for sure made everyone fell in love again and felt the magic of the 3 wonderful words.
Aside from the movie there were also games during the interval and guess what it's all about movies. So those who knows a lot about movies got more chances of winning. And of course you need to be sporty as well to run a few meter dash.

It was really great experiencing this event and we wish to experience it again next time. Perhaps a little longer time.
Check out Nuvali's activities and upcoming events. Experience, enjoy and remember!

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