Thursday, June 26, 2014

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

Keep calm and watch movies is a phrase that I dearly indulge within me as movies are my way of calming myself and my way of unwinding. Though I may not be inside the cinemas every day, movies are my haven for relaxation and distressing.
What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?
This is a question that sounds romantic in nature because most of us who hear fall in love we would always associate it with romantic movies. It’s romantic indeed in a sense that it tells about movies, so for me I fell in love in watching movies when I was in elementary and it was not a romantic movie that you expect but it was a 1980s mythological movie. Yes, it is a movie about mythology, particularly about Hercules.
Movie Posters that time are not as attractive as of today's.
I remember the very day that my father brought me to the cinema. As a kid who would watch a myth story on the big, I was very excited and thrilled at the same time. It is not my first time to watch movie but this particular movie leaved a mark into my viewing eyes. I like the movie, no I love the movie very much.

The title of the movie was “The Adventures of Hercules”. I’m pretty much sure that everybody knows the character and for those who’ve born earlier would definitely know about the movie. The lead actor of this movie was Lou Ferrigno.  Though the story is not clear to me that time still I was fascinated with it.  I was like a toddler intrigue with the things around me.  The costume, the setting, and the special effects plus the buff of Lou made a good impression for me and that's where it all started.  After we watched the movie I even develop my likeness to myth stories like this one, the Greek Mythology.
So what made me fall in love with watching this movie?
  • In the 80s myths, fantasy and sci-fi movies it requires great effort in producing special effects, especially the convincing ones. Special effects is the climax of every movie without it the movie wouldn't be as real as it seems.
  • The story of Hercules on books are great to read but it is even greater if you see the story come to life on films.
  • During that time I was still a kid so names of the actors and actresses are still vague for me, so my focus was the character they are playing which convinced me very much that they are that character not the actors.
  • Our television set was black and white that time so viewing this Hercules movie on the big screen in full color makes a difference.
From then on my love for movies grew more as I’m always eager to watch them when they are on the list of “coming soon”. Today, it is much more enticing and exciting to watch movies as there are different developments and progress in the movie industry. This era made all things possible with the use of modern technologies that make film and movie experience even more realistic than before. The CGI, effects, and sounds make are the life blood of today’s movies. The development doesn't stop there, today trailers and upcoming movies are much easier to know with the presence of internet and the use of tablets and smartphones. One application that I know would suffice the need to know things about movie details, what’s new, what’s coming and what’s trending.
GMovies, an ultimate pocket app for your movie fix. Why ultimate? Well, here are the reason why.
  • It is always updated with the current and upcoming movie releases on cinemas nationwide. So you get to know which movies you’re going to watch and best thing you’ll instantly know where to watch it better.
  • It is the first and only of its kind in the country that let you have your movie experience anytime and anywhere.
  • Another best thing about this app is that you get the best seats because you can instantly buy your movie tickets straight on your smartphones. So there’s no hassle of going to the cinema and wait for longer lines to buy your tickets.
This film-tastic mobile application is powered by Globe Telecom and it s FREE for download for both Andorid and iOS users.

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