Sunday, June 22, 2014

#SanibPwersa a Collaboration of Abra and the Raymund Marasigan

Kwento Ni Toto is just lucky to be in the event where Abra and the Raymund Marasigan joins together in making new ways of getting close friends together and the tradition of that friendship in this era, and unlucky for not having a good camera for their shot and of course a shot with them as well.

But anyway what matters most is the song that they put up together for the new look and new taste of Colt 45.  Hip hop Rapping meets Rock Jamming as Abra and Raymund Marasigan sync together their talents for song of this generation.   Watch the music video "Sanib Pwersa" (join forces) #SanibPwersa.

Here's a hint of how the song was created.  According to them both Abra and Raymund Marasigan worked separately to come up with the lyrics and when they met they were amazed that both of them think almost the same that their lyrics easily sync together and had produced a song like this.   Enjoy the song and embrace the lyrics.  Let's jam!

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