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Kylie Padilla's Debut Album, Seasons

Just like the changing color of the season, you may consider Kylie Padilla's debut album Seasons as one and one can easily see it through her diary as she changes and attempt to broaden her horizon as enduring entertainer or just simply an avenue for self expression.  Seasons successfully proves that Kylie isn't content to rest on her acting laurels-or her celebrity pedigree. Read more of the story as Kwento Ni Toto shares what the album is all about.

Seasons is simply about Kylie's experiences as she goes up and down of life. Turned 21, make her realize even more and it shows on the album. She takes this kind of growth on her GMA Records debut to develop a sound that is distinctly her own. It's a personal record that speaks volumes about the aches and pains of young love. Themes of broken hearts, longing, breakups in various incantations, and outright hurt influence the aesthetics.

Lead single “Gitara” is a deeply personal song that defines the album's directions. Starting off like a Taylor Swift track, “Gitara” portrays Kylie like an entirely different artist with vocals that shift from plaintive to powerful—almost fusing her acting with her singing. A closer observations reveals that Kylie has the hallmarks of a versatile recording artist: she possesses a sweet voice yet there is strength that allows her to play with notes effectively, change tones without effort, and belt out crescendos like she was built for power ballads.

Surprisingly, her debut is filled with crafty, well-produced pop that suits Kylie perfectly. One of the catchier tunes is the insistent synth-driven “Awake” however, the sunny melodies and poppy production mask the sad reflective undertones in which she puts on her hopelessly confessional girl image up front.

It's a continuing style throughout and she pulls it off quite respectably even on more straight forward tracks like the twinkly feel good number “Thank You” and the gentle but confrontational “Mine”. In the latter, Kylie faces the situation openly, using her head more that her heart in the same manner that she utilizes her voice; that it isn't always about the high notes. She carries the simple song through the end until she sends a “You're not mine anymore” kiss-off to the unlucky guy.

The other songs showcase even more diversity, which illustrates why this 21-years old beauty deserves to be herd. “Lonely Without You” gives the impression of a post-Michelle Branch intro but a minute into the track, incorporates more current pop/urban trends. With tantalizing verses, sultry pleads, and a memorable chorus, “Lonely” is by far the most accomplished song that is likely to get critical appeal.

The album is filled with metaphors to, unconsciously or not, match Kylie's mood. Title track “Seasons” and its plodding piano set the backdrop of a lost love being compared to the changing seasons: “Cause it hurts like freezing snow, it's not summer, no, not anymore”. To an extent, Kylie's voice is responsible for adding depth to an otherwise sleepy product. She sings like she acts, and that is her redeeming quality. “Sulat” is a lovely little love song with restrained vocals that harks back to a time before the social media explosion. And it's a significant moment when you look at the album in its entirely: front loaded with disappointments and heart break, “Sulat” and final track “Alive” close the journey on a positive note. Sending the message that there is life after heartbreak, that their are second chances. This is the point that Kylie seems to assert in her record.

This isn't even more evident that on the adventurous and resurgent “Alive”. It's electropop done right, marrying an ice-princess persona, celestial vocals, sparkling bass line, and an irresistible hook. “love makes us feel alive...we want to feel alive,,” she sings as if she has found herself again. With pulsing beats and pretty piano notes supporting the verses, Kylie manages to sound modern and refreshing on this atmospheric slice of beautifully embellished pop. Truly a moment of brilliance.

There are plenty of surprises on her first foray into music and many of those will astonish even the fiercest of her critics. Like the metaphors generously sprinkled on her songs, Kylie has blossomed into more than just her father's prominent name. Seasons finds her alive and kicking, on her own-and that is a game-changing gamble that will undoubtedly pay off.

“Seasons' is now available on digital format worldwide thru iTunes and Amazon and on CD format at Astroplus, Astro Vision, Odyssey Music and Video. The Landmark and SM Music and Video outlets nationwide.

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