Friday, September 12, 2014

Leann's Tea House, A Korean Dish Experience and A Giveaway

One of Kwento Ni Toto's favorite cuisine, The Korean dishes. It is a delightful taste in the palate that brings a different level of spiciness and just recently we were able to have that Korean Dish experience. Leann's Tea House is a newly opened Korean restaurant that brings flavorful Korean dish at the street of Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. It's not that easy to find but with a hungry tummy you can definitely spot it.
Leann's Tea House is a restaurant run by a family of food connoisseurs which started when one of the daughters of the Chua family, Jaclyn married Youngbae Park. The Chua family visited Korea and tasted the amazing flavors Korea had to offer. They were amazed as the food served was not only delicious but also healthy. They also got to taste the different types of teas in Korea that are not typically found locally. This is the time that they started of an idea to open up a Korean restaurant/Tea House in the Philippines. As they are in the process of conceptualizing the restaurant/tea house, Jaclyn Park got pregnant and gave birth to to Leann Park, the first baby of the Chua and the Park Family. They named the restaurant after Leann and Leann's Tea House was created. 

The restaurant opened on April 5, 2014 with the menu based on the Park's treasured family recipes. The main goal of the restaurant is to serve Korean food and Teas to locals at an affordable prize but with great quality. 

So what did Kwento Ni Toto tried at Leann's Tea House? Well check out the photos and the discription together with the verdict of the foods.

The side dishes Kimchi, Lettuce, Potato Salad and Beansprouts are all great for me, all healthy. The Kimchi got the right spiciness and the Potato Salad is got the very nice presentation. I didn't expect that it was a Potato Salad. 

The Japchae which is a glass noodles with mixed vegetables and beef is tasteful enough to entice the palate. This one is way delicious.  The Ojinguh Bokkeum or the Spicy Squid got the right flavor but the squid should watched out not to over cook it. They also got the Fried Mandu or the Fried Dumplings in which Kwento Ni Toto wasn't able to taste it.
The Tonkatsu Kimbap which is a deep fried rice roll wrapped in breaded pork. A favorite among the dishes. 
Bibimbap, one of the well known korean dish is just enough to fill up those hungry tummies. Another rice topping is the Kimchi Bokkeumbap which is intrigiung for us. it is a kimchi fried rice with pork.

Of course all meal should have soup and their offering is called the Seafood Deonjang Jjigae.

They also got some meat galore for meat lovers like their L.A Galbi which is a barbecued high grade beef short ribs, Spicy Daeji Gui which is a Spicy Pork Barbecue, Sweet Dak Gui which is a Sweet Pork Barbecue, Samgyeospal which is a Pork Belly and the Woosamgyup which is a Beef Belly. One highlight that I liked was the grilling of the meats.

We also got some samplers of their cold teas and hot teas. Plus the dessert, as what Vance mentioned, no one's going home without having a dessert in which we loved it. 

The whole experience was a gastronomic one and this one Korean restaurant is on our list for sharing. A flavorful Korean dishes. 

To share that experience with you dear readers we will be raffling off Php400 worth of Leann's Gift Certificate. Just simply let the rafflecopter to load and follow the instructions.
105-R Mother's Ignacia St., Quezon City
Tel. no.: 411-8902
Instagram : @leannsteahouse 

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