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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Discover 5 Things at Oh My Korean Grill and Chimaek

5:09:00 PM

The K-Pop and the Korean food, these are just some of the things that millennials are enjoying today. As for me, well I like the food. And speaking of food I was one of the invited bloggers to check out this newest hangout in Mother Ignacia. The establishment is just a few months in its operation but somehow taking the waves of popularity, not just because it's new but because of what it offers to their guests.

The place is called Oh My Restaurant, a Korean inspired place to spend the night after a tiring day at work. Take note the establishment is just in front of ABS CBN. In case you might want to bump into one of ABS CBN's Celebrities, well it's a place to be. In our case, well Jai Ho of MOR was there and it was great knowing that they love the place and of course enjoys the foods that Oh My Restaurant serve. The place is suited for chill time.

There are five (5) things to discover at Oh My Restaurant.

  1. First, the Korean inspired restaurant is owned by four gorgeous owners, Joanne, Gerly, Camille, Camille Joy.
  2. Second, the restaurant is a mixed bar and restaurant that's why it is a great place to hang out, to chill and to relax.
  3. Third, some celebrities do dine here and enjoys the food and the place.
  4. Fourth, if you're in a tight budget and still want to enjoy great Korean dishes this place is one of the affordable Korean resto that I have been to in the metro.
  5. Fifth, their menu are great! As proof check out the photos and video below.

So, if you're craving for Korean dish just go down to Mother Ignacia and visit Oh My Restaurant.


Monday, February 5, 2018


11:25:00 AM

Discover a world that is neither heaven nor hell, and where there is life after death, in the much-anticipated Korean fantasy movie of 2018, ALONG WITH THE GODS: THE TWO WORLDS.

ALONG WITH THE GODS is Korea’s most expensive production and it will be released in 2 parts. Based on the hit webcomic with the same title, it follows the story of a firefighter named Ja-Hong who died in the line of duty while trying to save a little girl. In Purgatory, he meets his 3 Afterlife guardians – Kang-Lim, Hewonmak and Deok-choon who will defend and help him go through 7 different Trials of Sin in order to be reincarnated. At the same time, the Afterlife guardians were also promised reincarnation by the ruler of the Afterlife, King Yeomra if they successfully defend 49 souls for reincarnation. Ja-Hong is their 48th client. Ja-Hong's journey to the 7 Trials of Sin is disrupted by his dead brother Su-Hong's Vengeful Spirit. Su-Hong died 2 weeks before his military discharge when a private accidentally shot him with a service weapon. Because of his unjust death, Su-Hong turns into a Vengeful Spirit and starts attacking the Afterlife. And as hidden facts surrounding his death are uncovered, Ja-Hong's innocence is questioned, risking his trial for reincarnation.

ALONG WITH THE GODS is directed by blockbuster and award-winning director Kim Yong-Hwa (200 Pounds Beauty, Take Off, Mr. Go), and is led by a superb all-star cast. Firefighter Ja-Hong is played by Cha Tae-Hyun, who is widely known by Filipino K-movie fans as the funny and charming guy in the 2001 movie My Sassy Girl. Fans will get to see a different side of Cha Tae-Hyun with his performance in Along with the Gods. Kang-Lim, the leader of Ja-Hong's Afterlife guardians is played by versatile actor Ha Jung-Woo. He will lead Ja-Hong's defense as he goes through the 7 Trials of Sin. Hewonmak, the Security Specialist among the guardians is played by Ju Ji-Hoon. He is the first one to risk his own life to protect his client and fellow guardians. Showing his dedication to his role, Ju Ji-Hoon trained for 2 months to prepare for his action scenes. The youngest of the guardians, Deok-Choon is played by young actress Kim Hyang-Gi. She has a full and warm heart and is sympathetic towards her client, making her an ideal and a promising lawyer to defend souls for reincarnation.

Aside from the superb cast, ALONG WITH THE GODS will also take audiences to worlds you never thought existed. According to the laws of Afterlife, all deceased must go through 7 trials over 49 days, and these trials are divided into 7 sin categories: betrayal, violence, filial piety, murder, indolence, deceit and injustice. Each sin has its own hell, and Director Kim used different elements to represent each hell: fire, water, metal, ice, mirror, gravity and sand. Creating these hells took almost 6 years of production, but the results are all worth it.

Experience a different world where only ALONG WITH THE GODS can take you, when it hits the big screen nationwide on February 7. From VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Leann's Tea House, A Korean Dish Experience and A Giveaway

6:53:00 AM

One of Kwento Ni Toto's favorite cuisine, The Korean dishes. It is a delightful taste in the palate that brings a different level of spiciness and just recently we were able to have that Korean Dish experience. Leann's Tea House is a newly opened Korean restaurant that brings flavorful Korean dish at the street of Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. It's not that easy to find but with a hungry tummy you can definitely spot it.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meet Chef's Noodle's New Celebrity Endorser

7:34:00 AM

photo credit to Gracee Bongolan of
If you're a lover of Korean Cuisines and knows about Chef's Noodle, then you might want to know what's new with this Korean Restaurant.  Kwento Ni Toto is here to share what transpired a few days ago in one of the branches of Chef's Noodle and specifically at their Robinson Magnolia Branch.  The newest and freshest new with them is that they got a new celebrity endorser.  I'm very much sure that the ladies will be thrilled about him being the endorser of the said restaurant.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Check Out The Chef's Noodle at SM The Block

7:23:00 AM

We have featured different cuisines and restaurants here in Kwento Ni Toto and the best part of that is sharing those enticing food experience with you, dear readers.  We have been to a Chinese Restaurant, a Japanese Restaurant, a Middle Eastern Restaurant, and more.  Savoring in each and every meal sure give us a full stomach plus a new place to visit.

For this moment of our food escapade our correspondent Justin were able to visit one of the Korean Restaurant in the metro.  Yup!  It is indeed a Korean Cuisine this time.  Though we were able to taste some of the Korean food, this time it was the first time for Kwento Ni Toto to feature a Korean Restaurant.   Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant is the name and it is located at the Ground Floor of SM The Block.

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