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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Review and 5 Interesting Notes About Director Paul Alexei Basinillo's Movie INDAK

12:18:00 AM

There's always the first time and it is sometimes great that people tend to move out of their comfort zones to try something new, and that's what Director Paul Alexei Basinillo did. Filming for the very first time a very unusual film genre puts him into a more intriguing spot.

INDAK a dance musical film that relates a story of an island girl named Jen who is played by Nadine Lustre, who seeks to find herself by achieving her dreams, that's with the help of Vin portrayed by Sam Concepcion, a leader of a dance group Indak Pinas competing for the World of Dance Championship.

Having Nadine, the Award-winning Actress and Sam Concepcion, the Total Performer made Director Paul do more on the Indak Movie, which he did. Director Basinillo is well known for directing concerts and TV commercials that won international awards. Some of his works are Sarah Geronimo's 24/SG in 2012, the Music Video of Sarah's 'Kilometro' in 2015, and the Bamboo & Yeng Concert in 2014. He begun from humble beginnings from being a waiter to delivery boy to marketing artist, Then later on started his career as an art director and became the youngest creative director in major ad agencies in the Philippines. Now, a full time director.

The INDAK film isn't just a film about dance and grooves but a film that focuses on many different facet of life. The deep meaning of valuing ones root and the opportunity that life gives or more about chasing your dreams. The movie also gave emphasis on learning to stand every time you fall.

Director Basinillo, not new in directing but first time to film a full length movie that is not the usual genre makes him an interesting film director. His views and portrayal of the situation is something different and should be given due recognition. This will let you appreciate more of the film.

1. The technique use in capturing the dance in motion is not new but having it on film as if you were part of it makes it interesting plus the vibe of the music makes your feet move on their own.

2. The incredible scenic view shots and fusing it with the moves of the actors will let you love to see the movie again. Realizing and appreciating more of the beauty of our country.

3. I just like how the acting is delivered, something raw, like you were talking to someone on the streets. Not much effort in a good way.

4. The acting of Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion and the rest of the cast isn't as hard hitting drama as it should be because it doesn't require to be that dramatic.

5. Though there were also some points to ponder but those are minor things to consider. Not all films created are perfect, even Hollywood films that we adore do have some minor details that is excused to shot the entire scene.

For me in totality the movie is good and it is not a fly by night film or the so-called pito-pito movie. Director Paul Alexei Basinillo did create an interesting dance musical film, of which can be seen on different cinemas tomorrow, August 7.

Movie : INDAK
Producers : Viva Films
Genre : Dance Musical
Story and Plot : The story is simple and don't have much climax to expect but what makes it interesting is how it is filmed and portrayed.

Actors and Acting : Two great actors that delivers good lines.

Small and other Details : It's okay.

Our Over All Rate : 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meet Chef's Noodle's New Celebrity Endorser

7:34:00 AM

photo credit to Gracee Bongolan of
If you're a lover of Korean Cuisines and knows about Chef's Noodle, then you might want to know what's new with this Korean Restaurant.  Kwento Ni Toto is here to share what transpired a few days ago in one of the branches of Chef's Noodle and specifically at their Robinson Magnolia Branch.  The newest and freshest new with them is that they got a new celebrity endorser.  I'm very much sure that the ladies will be thrilled about him being the endorser of the said restaurant.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sam Concepcion's First Screen Kiss with Tippy Dos Santos in IDoBidoo Bidoo

1:49:00 PM

Press Release
Teen heartthrob Sam Concepcion admits that Unitel’s comedy-musical IDoBidoo Bidoo is his biggest career break, and he is ultimately grateful that he has the promising Tippy Dos Santos as his leading lady. The movie, which features the iconic songs of the Apo Hiking Society, is topbilled by the entertainment industry’s most respectable names Gary Valenciano, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Ogie Alcasid, and Eugene Domingo and is directed by box-office director Chris Martinez.

“Tippy and I have been friends since way back. We represented the country in a festival in Korea when we were kids, and last year, we were first paired in Peter Pan. I was Peter to her Wendy,” recounts Sam. “This is such a big break and I am thankful that I have Tippy by my side to support me.”

In the movie, Sam plays Rock Polotan, who has impregnated his girlfriend Tracy Fuentebella (Tippy). Conflict starts when their families come into the picture- the affluent Fuentebella Family (Zsa Zsa and Gary) and the poor yet musically-inclined Polotan Family (Ogie and Eugene).

IDoBidoo Bidoo marks Sam’s crossover to doing more challenging and mature roles, as he was required to do his first onscreen kiss in the movie.

“Being in the business for so long, I know some people’s perception of me is that I’m still 12 or 13, but thankfully, I was blessed with this movie that I get to make people realize that I am already a grown-up,” shares the teen heartthrob. “Working with Tippy has always been a breeze. We have this rapport that comes from years of friendship.”

Asked about the kiss, Sam says “when we did the scene, I was already Rock who is madly in love with Tracy. So, it was ok. The more memorable parts are the minutes before and after the take.”

Tippy adds, “this is my first movie, so the kissing scene made me really nervous, but because it is Sam, with direk Chris as our director, everything turned out well and romantic.”

Tippy was a seasoned, yet young theater actress before showbiz discovered her. She has appeared in TV shows like Idol, Shoutout, Growing Up, among others.

Sam and Tippy are grateful that Tony Gloria and Unitel Pictures entrusted this project to them.

“Unitel brought numerous cinematic gems like Crying Ladies, La Visa Loca, and the songs of APO mirror the history of the Filipino people, until now, we can’t believe that we were tapped to be a part of this landmark movie,” gushes Sam. “This is a movie that every Filipino family should watch.”

IDo Bidoo Bidoo starts showing this August 29 in cinemas nationwide.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sam Concepcion’s Kontrabida wins at the PhilPop

3:31:00 PM
Sam Concepcion with Soc Villanueva (composer of Kontrabida, 2nd runner-up)

If you've missed the Philippine Popular Music Festival like me, well here are some of the information that they've sent me about Sam Concepcion's Kontrabida.  Read the details below.

Teen heartthrob, multi-talented performer Sam Concepcion breathed life to Soc Villanueva’s entry Kontrabida to the recently-concluded First Philippine Popular Music Festival. The song was adjudged second-runner up in the competition.

Soc, composer of numerous hit songs including Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, personally chose Sam to interpret Kontrabida, which tells a protagonist-turned-antagonist’s love story.

“I never doubted Sam’s talent. Even before he stepped onstage, I knew he would give justice to the song,” says Soc. “Sam’s confidence is just so high and talent is overflowing that I know that the battle is already half-won.”

Sam, who last joined a competition less than a decade ago via Little Big Star, where he bagged the top plum, was ecstatic over the commendation.

“I know the song is catchy, unpretentious, and enjoyable to sing,” admits Sam. “But landing the third spot among 14 equally-brilliant entries is extremely amazing.”

Sam received glowing reviews from Jim Paredes, via his instagram account, describing his performance as “wow.”

Toto Sorioso’s Tayo-Tayo Lang, which talks about a musician’s experiences performing to a near-empty venue, bagged the 2nd place. Ebe Dancel interpreted the song.

The top prize went to Karl Villuga’s Bawat Hakbang, a beautifully-written inspirational song interpreted by Mark Bautista and Akafellas.

The Board of Judges (L-R) Ely Buendia, Jim Paredes, Louie Ocampo, Noel Cabangon, Kathleen Go, Chico Garcia and Randy Estrellado

The task of evaluating the final entries was given to the distinct panel of judges, composed by some of the most respected names in the industry – singer-hitmaker-advocate Noel Cabangon, famous radio personality Chico Garcia, Universal Records’ Managing Director Kathleen Dy-Go, PhilPop Treasurer Randy Estrellado, former Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia, ace songwriter-musical director Louie Ocampo, and APO Hiking Society Member Jim Paredes.

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