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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Nadine Lustre Deligently Follows Quarantine Protocols

11:33:00 PM

At this time of crisis, people who prefer to do things on their own are more appreciated and given recognition. It's not because they wanted the attention but because they know they have to do it on their own. A more independent approach! That's what happens when a Pinoy celebrity in the likes of Nadine Lustre spotted in one of the grocery stores in the metro doing her grocery chore. Of course, there's always the fans who would still take a photo of her, which was shared online.

Nadine's photo has gone viral after being shared by one of the netizens and probably a fan as well. A picture of her in line and while doing her grocery. Not really sure if she's alone or not but based on the photo she does the grocery alone. So, if ever she had her bodyguard with her would probably be waiting at the car.  Remember that the quarantine period requires one member of the family to buy groceries.

Nadine's action was applauded and praised by the netizens. The queuing, which she patiently waits for her turn in the line without her using her celebrity status, only proves how disciplined she is. It is a gesture needed by the government from every citizen in this lockdown period.

Celebrity or not, we should do the same!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

#JADINE Went On Separate Ways For Personal Growth?

12:44:00 AM

It's not sudden news, and everyone is expecting answers, all that is needed is the confirmation that the story spread before was correct. Well, those who published the story on different platforms are somehow correct and a bit wrong.

It is correct in a way because the two are in that situation of going on separate ways. You may find it interesting that this is common in every relationship. It is on that stage where either she or he is losing one's self. Or finding out that he or she is stuck. They somehow find in themselves that there's a need to recover and redeem the old self to create a much better soul. Of course, this is just my opinion about the situation.

The truth lies in the joint statement of James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

"It's true that we have split up but not for all the reason that are being spread on the tabloids and social media but because after quiet and mature conversations, we decided to focus on ourselves not only for our careers but more for our personal growth as we are still young and we want to achieve as much as we can. We agreed that going separate ways was best for both of us. We are in good terms and are still really good friends and will continue to work with each other especially when it comes to music.

Thank you for all the JADINE FANS for their undying support and we hope you continue to support us now and in the future. We shall forever be grateful to them for their love and understanding.

Thank You"

Of course, even though this statement was released, some wouldn't take the declaration as it is. Just like what they mentioned when they are being asked about their thoughts on living together, it's a matter of CHOICE. And it is their choice that they went on separate ways.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Review and 5 Interesting Notes About Director Paul Alexei Basinillo's Movie INDAK

12:18:00 AM

There's always the first time and it is sometimes great that people tend to move out of their comfort zones to try something new, and that's what Director Paul Alexei Basinillo did. Filming for the very first time a very unusual film genre puts him into a more intriguing spot.

INDAK a dance musical film that relates a story of an island girl named Jen who is played by Nadine Lustre, who seeks to find herself by achieving her dreams, that's with the help of Vin portrayed by Sam Concepcion, a leader of a dance group Indak Pinas competing for the World of Dance Championship.

Having Nadine, the Award-winning Actress and Sam Concepcion, the Total Performer made Director Paul do more on the Indak Movie, which he did. Director Basinillo is well known for directing concerts and TV commercials that won international awards. Some of his works are Sarah Geronimo's 24/SG in 2012, the Music Video of Sarah's 'Kilometro' in 2015, and the Bamboo & Yeng Concert in 2014. He begun from humble beginnings from being a waiter to delivery boy to marketing artist, Then later on started his career as an art director and became the youngest creative director in major ad agencies in the Philippines. Now, a full time director.

The INDAK film isn't just a film about dance and grooves but a film that focuses on many different facet of life. The deep meaning of valuing ones root and the opportunity that life gives or more about chasing your dreams. The movie also gave emphasis on learning to stand every time you fall.

Director Basinillo, not new in directing but first time to film a full length movie that is not the usual genre makes him an interesting film director. His views and portrayal of the situation is something different and should be given due recognition. This will let you appreciate more of the film.

1. The technique use in capturing the dance in motion is not new but having it on film as if you were part of it makes it interesting plus the vibe of the music makes your feet move on their own.

2. The incredible scenic view shots and fusing it with the moves of the actors will let you love to see the movie again. Realizing and appreciating more of the beauty of our country.

3. I just like how the acting is delivered, something raw, like you were talking to someone on the streets. Not much effort in a good way.

4. The acting of Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion and the rest of the cast isn't as hard hitting drama as it should be because it doesn't require to be that dramatic.

5. Though there were also some points to ponder but those are minor things to consider. Not all films created are perfect, even Hollywood films that we adore do have some minor details that is excused to shot the entire scene.

For me in totality the movie is good and it is not a fly by night film or the so-called pito-pito movie. Director Paul Alexei Basinillo did create an interesting dance musical film, of which can be seen on different cinemas tomorrow, August 7.

Movie : INDAK
Producers : Viva Films
Genre : Dance Musical
Story and Plot : The story is simple and don't have much climax to expect but what makes it interesting is how it is filmed and portrayed.

Actors and Acting : Two great actors that delivers good lines.

Small and other Details : It's okay.

Our Over All Rate : 

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