Saturday, November 16, 2013

Check Out The Chef's Noodle at SM The Block

We have featured different cuisines and restaurants here in Kwento Ni Toto and the best part of that is sharing those enticing food experience with you, dear readers.  We have been to a Chinese Restaurant, a Japanese Restaurant, a Middle Eastern Restaurant, and more.  Savoring in each and every meal sure give us a full stomach plus a new place to visit.

For this moment of our food escapade our correspondent Justin were able to visit one of the Korean Restaurant in the metro.  Yup!  It is indeed a Korean Cuisine this time.  Though we were able to taste some of the Korean food, this time it was the first time for Kwento Ni Toto to feature a Korean Restaurant.   Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant is the name and it is located at the Ground Floor of SM The Block.

So here it is according to what Justin had seen and experienced.  The location of the restaurant in SM The Block is familiar because it's near the busy section of the mall.  Well it was just right next to the supermarket which makes the restaurant an easy target for the hungry tummies.  It got two floors with a cozy inviting interior and what's intriguing with this establishment is that it is a fast food restaurant but not with the usual ambiance of a fast food, Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant is different.  

Another thing hat intrigues us with this Korean Restaurant is their name and logo.  Its name is Chef's Noodle but the character in the logo is hatted with a western cowboy hat.  Perhaps that's what makes it different.

Enough with the stuff and lets get on with the food.  The first one was the Bibimbap with a price of just Php99.00 with a glass of Iced Tea.  It was surprising that it only cost this much.  This is Justin's first time to eat something like this so as what his story it was tasty enough with the hit of spiciness.  Delicious and flavorful.

photo by

The above food image is called Seafood Pajun, it's a Korean pancake with Shrimp, squid, spring onions and bell pepper.  It's more likely an omelette which only cost PhP99.00.

This glass noodle above is called Japchae which is like the Pancit here in the Philippines but what's make it different is that the noodle is much thicker than the usual pancit.  This is something to taste in Chef Noodles, this glass noodle dish comes with beef and veggies seasoned with a special soy sauce which cost about PhP130.00 only.  For Justin this is one of the dishes that he recommends for someone who looks for a new food experience.

Finishing the line up of dishes and perhaps what everyone craves about after a hearty meal are the desserts.  And here are the delightful desserts in Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant.  Indulgently delicious.  

Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant are just one of the restaurants to visit in SM The block.  For someone who likes Korean food this restaurant is a place to visit.  

For more information please log on their facebook account and their website at

Ground Floor SM The Block
(02) 4050129 / 7089520

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