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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Experience Tien Ma’s Enticing and Appetizing Taiwanese Cuisine

9:00:00 AM

If Manila got their Chinatown at Binondo , Quezon City have its Chinatown at Retiro. Yup, you’ll definitely find Chinatown in Quezon City and that is in Retiro. The establishment is more of a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant but it’s more likely of a Chinese restaurant so you’ll find some familiarity.

Chinese are very particular with their culture and when dining they do it together, that’s why you’ll find most of the Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants are designed and created with spacious area. And Tien Ma’s, the one located in Retiro is designed with spacious area to accommodate quite a number of customers. Of course there’s the usual Chinese characters and designs on walls, doors and windows. And the classic Chinese music that let customers feel relaxed.


So if you’re family or friends are looking for a bigger venue to celebrate life’s moment, then Tien Ma’s is one of them.

Oh before I forget Tien Ma’s literary means Mother Tien or Mama Tien. The restaurant was established by the couple and it became known and it was called Mama Tien. Its dish is basically the home cook meal of a typical Taiwanese house. Then it was sought by Figaro to have a partnership with, then later on it was fully acquired by Figaro and became part of the growing number of food establishment owned by the company.


Xiao Long Bao? Well, Tien Ma’s got on their list of menu and what’s great with them is that they got some interesting selection. Lately, this dimsum is making a buzz and I’m not sure when it begun to be a hit but one thing I know, it’s yummy. Their version of Xiao Long Bao got the Original, with Black Mushroom with Truffle Oil and with Cheese, which I really liked.



Next in line of the dishes that we indulge with are the Beef Brisket and Wanton Noodles. I soup and noodles very much. According to Tien Ma’s they make their own noodles that’s why it taste different than any other Wanton Noodles.


The Salt & Pepper Spareribs. If you’re been trying different Chinese restaurant you’ll know that there are some dishes that are present in every restaurant and this dish is one of them.

This one is something new for me, it is enticing and looks appetizing enough to taste. The Salted Egg Prawns. Cooked and coated with a salted egg sauce that is just light, yummy and flavorful. But of course this particular dish for me should be taken lightly and rarely.
Tainan Fried Chicken is best taken with Taiwan Style Fried Rice. And as Pinoys our meals always comes with a rice.


Now if these selection fills your tummy, well better think again because there still dessert.

The dessert line up Pan Fried Sesame Pancake, Almond Jelly with Lychee, Mango Sago, and Melon Sago.

This makes my day and take note I haven’t tried some of their dishes yet so we’ll definitely find time to visit again.

Branches :
Retiro Branch
NS Amoranto cor. D. Tuazon, Quezon City
Tel. No. 256-5761

Libis Branch
C5-Libis Beside Union Bank
Tel. No. 372-3955

Makati Branch
Constellation St. In front of AUB
Tel. No. 810-9706

CDO, North Concourse of LImketkai Center
Tel. No. (088) 856-2476

Legazpi Branch
Yashano Mall Legazpi City

Facebook :
Twitter : @tienmas
Instagram : @tienmasph

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Recipes, Experienced Their Dishes and Pastries

11:29:00 AM

What's the most favorite part of every meal? Well, for us there are two, one is the main course with enticing dishes and the other one is the dessert with so much flavorful sweets. And we're just lucky that rainy days isn't always about staying inside the house because thank you to Recipes that we were able to catch up with their tasty dishes on rain-pouring day.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Enjoy Max's Premium Seafood Spread, A Classic Filipino Fish Dishes

5:41:00 AM

If you're Valentine's Day is a date to remember then you should have another part two for that as Max's Restaurant makes your holiday festivities goes even longer with their 4Sharing Meal.  Kwento Ni Toto will be experiencing it too and watch out for my post photos about it.  A healthier option for those who are getting really serious with their diet.

Max's Restaurant rolls out its newest 4Sharing Meal, an offering that highlights the Filipino's penchant for great food and fun, bonding moments with family and friends. Starting the year with an innovative and mouthwatering spread, Max's beckons its avid diners to bite into the freshest seafood catch and revel in a unique dining experience, the Max's way.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Check Out The Chef's Noodle at SM The Block

7:23:00 AM

We have featured different cuisines and restaurants here in Kwento Ni Toto and the best part of that is sharing those enticing food experience with you, dear readers.  We have been to a Chinese Restaurant, a Japanese Restaurant, a Middle Eastern Restaurant, and more.  Savoring in each and every meal sure give us a full stomach plus a new place to visit.

For this moment of our food escapade our correspondent Justin were able to visit one of the Korean Restaurant in the metro.  Yup!  It is indeed a Korean Cuisine this time.  Though we were able to taste some of the Korean food, this time it was the first time for Kwento Ni Toto to feature a Korean Restaurant.   Chef's Noodle Korean Restaurant is the name and it is located at the Ground Floor of SM The Block.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Max's New Dinner Specials Menu, Max's Collaborates with Chef Laudico

11:59:00 PM
Kwento Ni Toto shares what's something new with Max's Restaurant.  As always, they're having innovations with the menus that they're serving to us.  So without any more blubbering and storytelling here's what's new to their list of menu.

A significant part of tradition, Max’s Restaurant has brought authentic Filipino cuisine to the forefront. It has established the presence of heirloom dishes like its “sarap-to-the-bones” Fried Chicken, Kare-Kare, Sinigang, Crispy Pata and Pancit Canton in almost every Filipino celebration. After almost 7 decades, this homegrown brand is not resting on its laurels as it continues to create innovative ways to step up the Filipino’s dining experience to a whole new level. This time, Max’s redefines elegance in dining with its new epicurean spread.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tasmanian Salmon At Hyatt's The Fireplace

10:22:00 PM

I have taste Salmon before but never did I tasted something that came from or is called the Tasmanian Salmon.  The Fireplace in Hyatt Hotel Manila is known for its superior quality and fresh flavor, they introduces Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon with an exquisitely crafted menu by Chef Noel showcasing its fine texture and taste.

Native of the pristine unpolluted waters of Tasmania, this famed Atlantic Salmon makes up only around 1.5% of the world’s salmon production. Enriched with omega-3 and proteins, discover the richness of this Atlantic salmon variety with selections like Roasted Herbs Crusted Salmon with Creamy Spinach , Peppered Salmon Steak with Cognac Pepper Cream Sauce and more.

Take A Guilt-Free Indulgences At Flavours of China

11:29:00 AM

Getting the bikini fit look for the summer?  Indulge yourself for a guilt-free offerings from Flavours of China a healthy dishes with an oriental twist and just right for the season.

For foodie lover who likes seafood, satisfy your hunger with the Steamed Fish in Soft Tofu, cooked in a very special black bean sauce.  A steal at only P210, the hefty serving combines soft fish fillet with sliced silken tofu for a deliciously healthy experience.

Indulge without the guilt and give in to your seafood craving
with Flavours of China’s Steamed Fish in Soft Tofu

Saturday, August 25, 2012

King Bee Chinese Restaurant, An Authentic Chinese Cuisine

4:45:00 PM

It was a rainy Friday night, good weather to relax and a good way to end the week.  As the rain continuously pours out of the open area a number of bloggers were introduced to King Bee Chinese Restaurant at their Commonwealth Avenue Branch.  Explaining how the company started and how they came to be.

About The Company

The King Bee Chinese Restaurant  that serves authentic Chinese Cuisine originated in Brgy. Manggahan, General Trias, province of Cavite on August 17, 2001. The King Bee name of the restaurant came from the owner Mrs. Ang Ong King Bee. A family business that have grown and been known in the province of Cavite.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Coffee and Spicy Thai Food at Black Canyon Coffee

10:11:00 AM
In just days I've tasted two different cuisines.  A really great food adventure for my thrill-seeking lips. The most recent one was something that I haven't tasted before.  It was my first time to have something like that, though, I have heard stories of how spicy the dishes are but of course I didn't believed it, not until this particular day.

So what was the name of the restaurant?  It is called the Black Canyon Coffee or BCC for short.   Their menu are Thai dishes and specialty coffee.  Basically BCC originated from Thailand and the branch in SM South Mall is their first ever branch here in the Philippines.  Black Canyon Coffee is surely another name of store to be added in the list of must visit establishment for those who loves to do food adventures.   

According to them, Black Canyon Coffee is one of the most successful Thai names in the field of coffee and dining.  Today, Black Canyon Coffee has made its name from its concept of being a full-service casual dining coffee place that serves not only a wide variety of specialty coffee drinks and beverages but also provide a list of delicious and healthy Thai and International food items.  Your eyes will be in for a treat as you browse through the array of dishes that Black Canyon Coffee has to offer and I can assure that your taste buds will definitely in for something new.

It was great that we were blessed enough to be included in the list of bloggers who were invited to their blogger feast event.  My wife and I experienced this feast as if we were on a date.  We were treated first with specialty coffee drinks of our choice.  My choice was the Mocha Glacier Frappe which is Php 130.00.  I think and in my own opinion the drink that I had was greatly comparable with the other coffee stores around.   Aside from what I had, customers can also indulge in any of Black Canyon Coffee’s 24 specialty coffee drinks and 40 special beverages, especially their “Black Canyon Iced Coffee” - a special blend of pure Arabica coffee with two kinds of milk and plenty of ice.

The Black Canyon Frappe and the Mocha Glacier Frappe.

After a few minutes, plates of different viands was laid onto our table.  There were soups like the Tom Yum and Curry Soup , the Fried Prawns with Tamarind Sauce, the Fried Sesame Pork Strips, the Grilled Black Pepper Salmon Salad, and the desserts like the Tin Roof and Premium Mocha.  It was really a feast!

Forgot to take a picture  when it was serve.
Too eager to taste .

The Tom Yum soup did really have a spicy kick in it.  They also stated that customers can ask upon ordering if they wanted it spicy, extra spicy or none at all but the distinct taste and flavor of Thai cuisine are still present.  This is how they pride with their dishes,  strict and consistent with the measurements of their ingredients.  Aside from the Tom Yum soup, the Pad Thai and the Fried Prawns with Tamarind Sauce are my favorite.  The Pad Thai has a sweet and tasty flavor that is addicting and kids can sure love this as well.   Aside from these foods that I liked a lot, there are also other dishes to choose from and enjoy with whether it is with friends or family.

Fried Sesame Pork Strip

One of my favorite the PAD THAI.

The Curry Soup, which also have a sting.

Grilled Black Pepper Salmon Salad.
Just right for those people having their diet.

Great desserts the Tin Roof and Premium Mocha.

Black Canyon Coffee has over 220 branches in Thailand alone, not mention their other branches on various locations in Asia. The success of the brand has always been hinged on its unique formula of food quality, food variety, location, and concept. With this in mind, Mr. Pravit Chitnarapong (CEO of Black Canyon Thailand Co. Ltd.) and Mrs. Wilma Dy (President of Royal Thai Food Philippines Inc.) recognized an opportunity for bringing Black Canyon Coffee to the Philippines to cater to the very Filipino culture of food enjoyment. Black Canyon Coffee also features a rare mix of large portions yet very reasonable prices providing customers great value for their money.

Black Canyon Coffee is now open at SM Southmall, Las Piñas City at the Food Strip.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My 2nd SM Master Chef Event

11:51:00 AM

Gladly I was invited again to witness another food magic of the SM Master Chefs.  It was in the same place in SM Clark, same event, same time, but this time it’s a different chef.  Yes, it is a different chef and different brand that will showcase their cuisine and menu.

For this leg of event the brand that was presented was the San Miguel Food products and the Chef that demonstrated the dish was none other than Chef Jonathan Chua who’s a graduate of Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management in De La Salle College of St. Benilde.  He also has an Associate Degree for Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry in California Culinary Academy, USA.  So basically Chef Chua is a top-notch chef.  At present he is the Product Applications Specialist in San Miguel Purefoods Culinary Center.

Chef Chua has prepared four dishes for us, the Chicken and Mushroom Baked Rice, Star Ranchero Rice, Cheesy Hotdog and Fries Sandwich Overload, and Peaches and Cream Caramel Trifle.  All of these were easily made and prepared, some of which doesn’t require much cooking but all of them are quite interesting to eat and it I could say that it is intended for the kids.  Kids will surely enjoy these menus. 

Photo courtesy of Lesley Pangilinan
Foods are really great and on these menus, Chef Chua showed that leftover’s are still edible we just need a little bit of magic and innovations.

Friday, September 9, 2011

SM Master Chef's Cooking Demo with Chef Sia

2:32:00 PM

I’m so delighted that I was able to attend one of the cooking demo of the SM Hypermarket Master Chef Marathon at SM Clark, Pampanga. Good thing that it’s just near. Aside from us bloggers who were invited to cover the event, HRM students from different colleges in Angeles City were also invited to watch and learn in the said event. Everyone was very eager to know and taste the recipe that is going to be cooked by one of the Chef.

The guest chef during that time was Chief John Paulo Sia, one of the known chefs in the metro. Chef Sia has worked for C2 Classic Cuisine, the Linden Suites and he has also set up his own catering business and is now the corporate sous chef for Unilever Foodsolutions. He has also been into a cooking show in one of the local TV Network.

When Chef Sia started his demo, most of us were so eager to see and know what he will be cooking for that day. He even asked anyone who would like to be part of the cooking demo as his assistant, more likely of a sous chef for a certain dish. One fortunate and brave guy took the apron and stand beside Chef Sia.

Chef Sia created two menu for the day but he has noticed that there so many students and spectators he decided to add one more to the list. The cuisines are Menudo Tapa's Version, Beef Adobo, and Beef and Mushroom in Oyster Sauce (I forgot what Chef Sia named this one). All of the ingredients came from SM Hypermarket so it would be much easier to look for the ingredients and of course to cook it as well. One of the main ingredients is the products of Knorr.

Some of the students were able to taste Chef Sia’s cuisines and as I see it they were all nodding their heads, perhaps they were agreeing with the great taste of the menu. Of course they are not the only ones who tasted the food but me and the rest of bloggers as well. The good part is that the three dishes were laid to us. Great! My favorite was the Beef and Mushroom in Oyster Sauce. The taste is very much enticing.

It was really great tasting those foods, wish to get a taste of the other chefs as well.

By the way this cooking event is part of the 10th Anniversary of SM Hypermarket.

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