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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tien Ma's Dessert, Shaved Ice Leaves a Sweet Chill

12:15:00 AM
 The wet season has already started but it seems that the scorching heat tail still lingers around causing a sweaty feeling and a need to chill down that palate. Tien Ma's have something for us even though it is already the rainy season, their sweet chills - the Shave Ice. It is one of their latest sweet offerings.

This sweet, cool and chilling treats, the Shaved Ice, comes in 3 Flavors, Chocolate Heaven, Strawberry Banana Sensation and Mango Tango. It's not the usual dessert that you'll be enjoying on a rainy days.

Well just right before the heavy rains keeps pouring, together with my wife, we decided to take a trip to one of Tien Ma's Branch in Retiro and taste it for ourselves, the sweet truth about this new offering of Tien Ma's.

The three flavors got its different features and tastes. The Mango Tango is made up of sliced mangoes, nata de coco and of course the shaved ice with some sweets. The flavor and the tastes really compliments the whole Mango Tango.

The Strawberry Banana Senstation, a mixed of sliced bananas with the strawberry syrup and the shaved ice. A good combination to drool with. I think kids will definitely love this flavor.

The Chocolate Heaven, chocolate bits, coffee jelly and choco syrup gives this dessert a thumbs up for the chocolate lovers.

All the three desserts wouldn't be great without the shaved ice that is perfectly smooth, refined and greatly melts in your mouth. This dessert's single serving is good for 2 to 3 person which is only Php230.00

So if you want to enjoy this dessert just visit Tien Ma's.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Experience Tien Ma’s Enticing and Appetizing Taiwanese Cuisine

9:00:00 AM

If Manila got their Chinatown at Binondo , Quezon City have its Chinatown at Retiro. Yup, you’ll definitely find Chinatown in Quezon City and that is in Retiro. The establishment is more of a Taiwanese cuisine restaurant but it’s more likely of a Chinese restaurant so you’ll find some familiarity.

Chinese are very particular with their culture and when dining they do it together, that’s why you’ll find most of the Chinese/Taiwanese restaurants are designed and created with spacious area. And Tien Ma’s, the one located in Retiro is designed with spacious area to accommodate quite a number of customers. Of course there’s the usual Chinese characters and designs on walls, doors and windows. And the classic Chinese music that let customers feel relaxed.


So if you’re family or friends are looking for a bigger venue to celebrate life’s moment, then Tien Ma’s is one of them.

Oh before I forget Tien Ma’s literary means Mother Tien or Mama Tien. The restaurant was established by the couple and it became known and it was called Mama Tien. Its dish is basically the home cook meal of a typical Taiwanese house. Then it was sought by Figaro to have a partnership with, then later on it was fully acquired by Figaro and became part of the growing number of food establishment owned by the company.


Xiao Long Bao? Well, Tien Ma’s got on their list of menu and what’s great with them is that they got some interesting selection. Lately, this dimsum is making a buzz and I’m not sure when it begun to be a hit but one thing I know, it’s yummy. Their version of Xiao Long Bao got the Original, with Black Mushroom with Truffle Oil and with Cheese, which I really liked.



Next in line of the dishes that we indulge with are the Beef Brisket and Wanton Noodles. I soup and noodles very much. According to Tien Ma’s they make their own noodles that’s why it taste different than any other Wanton Noodles.


The Salt & Pepper Spareribs. If you’re been trying different Chinese restaurant you’ll know that there are some dishes that are present in every restaurant and this dish is one of them.

This one is something new for me, it is enticing and looks appetizing enough to taste. The Salted Egg Prawns. Cooked and coated with a salted egg sauce that is just light, yummy and flavorful. But of course this particular dish for me should be taken lightly and rarely.
Tainan Fried Chicken is best taken with Taiwan Style Fried Rice. And as Pinoys our meals always comes with a rice.


Now if these selection fills your tummy, well better think again because there still dessert.

The dessert line up Pan Fried Sesame Pancake, Almond Jelly with Lychee, Mango Sago, and Melon Sago.

This makes my day and take note I haven’t tried some of their dishes yet so we’ll definitely find time to visit again.

Branches :
Retiro Branch
NS Amoranto cor. D. Tuazon, Quezon City
Tel. No. 256-5761

Libis Branch
C5-Libis Beside Union Bank
Tel. No. 372-3955

Makati Branch
Constellation St. In front of AUB
Tel. No. 810-9706

CDO, North Concourse of LImketkai Center
Tel. No. (088) 856-2476

Legazpi Branch
Yashano Mall Legazpi City

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Twitter : @tienmas
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