Friday, October 17, 2014

10 Things To Do For A Better Professional Blogging Summit Experience

In most seminars, workshop, or training that are conducted, participants tend to catch and remember only 10% to 30% of what's presented. Specially if there are no visual or hard copy of the materials. But since we are now in the age of digital and in the verge of resources depletion we should take into consideration opting with hard copies. So, Kwento Ni Toto want to share 10 simple things that you can do to make your Professional Blogging Summit experience worth it. Here are some of the suggestions that we come up with to help attendees learn and enjoy more.
  1. Condition and prepare yourself before coming to the seminar, training or workshop.  
  2. Bring the materials that you'll be needing like tablet, ipad, smartphone, power bank and camera or you may still bring the old school notebook and pen to jot down important topics.
  3. Be at the venue at least a few minutes before the activity starts (we sometimes sucks on this).
  4. Smile, greet others and network with them. Who knows when you'll be needing them or they'll be needing you.
  5. Have enough number of calling cards with you. 
  6. Unlearn what you have learn in order to relearn. This may sounds hard but just be there on the venue as if you are still a newbie.
  7. Take down notes or take a video of the talks. If you do video make sure to bring a large amount of storage capacity. But sometimes there are seminar, training or workshops that don't allow video taking so just jot down notes. Don't go into details just the important ones to give you a hint to remember it.
  8. If getting hit by the sleepy bug, pinch yourself or have candies or bubble gum with you. It helps a bit a keeping you awake.
  9. Participate by shooting them with your question to clear you thoughts about it. Be sure to ask the things that you want to know.
  10. Do the social media blast to get into the groove. This also helps you increase your social media presence.
 Hope this could help you. You may also applies this to different seminars, training and workshop that you'll be attending in the future. So, see you soon!

Professional Blogging Summit
October 18, 2014

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