Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Thrill Sips In at the World Poker Tour Bloggers' Night At Solaire

It was Kwento Ni Toto's first time to be in one of Solaire Resort and Casino's suite and honestly it was truly admirable and a jaw-dropping scene. It was on the 16th floor of the hotel suite and it was really awesome. I felt like a VIP that time. Who wouldn't, we got the room for us all though we're not going sleep there, there were buffet table of heavenly, tasty and mouthwatering cuisines like pork puff, charred king salmon gravlax on honey mustard hollandaise, mushroom salpicao, duck liver mousse, lobster spring rolls, and more, to include there were waiters on the side waiting to serve us with our drinks. The luxury and treatment of a first class hotel that will house hundreds of players on the upcoming World Poker Tour. Yes, the whole bloggers' night is about letting us all bloggers feel the hospitality of Solaire and of course the highlight of the event, the Poker game.

The last time Kwento Ni Toto played a poker game was last year and take note it w as an online game. As we all might have played it on facebook. The highest stack that I gained was over a million dollars credit. The online game was quite different because there was a timer and all you got to do is press the button. To my surprise the feeling of being on poker table is a higher level. The excitement, the thrill and the fun are much more realistic.
All the bloggers and other poker junkies were welcomed with the short talk from Solaire's Marketing people. Followed by short talks from few of the known Filipino Poker tournament legends. The first who shared his experience and briefed us about poker was Ron Regis, who is a professional poker coach. Ron compared poker with a basketball and provided a trivia on NBA how Shane Battier learned Kobe Bryant's moves mathematically. Then used that learning to put Kobe in the position his less effective. Ron emphasized that “... it's all about making decisions.”
The next speaker was Marco Aventajado who shared the early times of poker in the Philippines where it all started as Poker Bar Tour seven years ago. After Marco, Vic De Guzman shared his accounts and experiences as well. At first look you'll notice that Vic is not the usual poker player that we see on TV, his more on a corporate look but what surprise me more is his achievements. He really used his ability to read minds, study the situation and impose his negotiation ability on the table.
After the briefing, we're all divided into three groups with a team captain and on our side Bob Guerrero was our team captain. We were all accompanied at the poker table. This will be Kwento Ni Toto's first experience on the poker table. The game will be like the Texas Holdem but this is a team effort. Bob gives us some few pointers and encourage us to play tight-aggressive and his words were “Let's be cautious but if we have a hand, bet big!”

With some few rounds of practice game the official blogger poker tournament happened. The excitement of the game hit me fast and I thought the hand was good enough so on the first hand I played all in. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one who got a good hand Sol called my bet and I ended up loosing most of my stack. Lesson learned don't get too excited. I continued with a few more rounds without any good cards but didn't take long enough before ended up nothing and out of the game. Out team didn't won but Vin Ello of one of our team mate won the individual with most number of chips.

It was a fun night and Kwento Ni Toto was hoping to have more fun poker games like this. The event was part of Solaire's promotion with the upcoming World Poker Tour National Philippines that will start on October 16 to 28, 2014.

Event : World Poker Tour National: Philippines
Date : October 16-28, 2014
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Twitter : @SolaireResort
Instagram : @SolaireResort

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