Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lancaster New City's Six New House Models

Lancaster New City, one of the rising property developments in Cavite, has made another interesting addition to their list of house models. Just recently, Kwento Ni Toto was able to have a peek of the newest houses that Lancaster New City offers. Not just a peek but we’ve actually visited the ins and outs, the bare and the dressed, and the corner and not of these brand new house models.

Lancaster New City offers six (6) new house models for starting family or even for a bigger family. What’s great with these new houses is that all of them were made and designed focusing on light and space. Each house was created to capture the natural light of the environment, making family bonding inside the house more appealing and relaxing plus the big spaces allow the house owner to have more individual rooms and family rooms for more time with each other.

These houses are themed with a modern architectural design to give an appealing look and of course a much more matching taste to the modern family. To give you, dear readers, a much more idea of how the houses looks like, we invite you to check out the pictures that we’ve taken on some of the houses.

Briana is a home for a growing family who wants more rooms, it has four bedrooms and a family area for various family activities. Floor area is 110 sq. m and the lot area is 100 sq.m. Trivia: Briana means "strength".

Chessa is great for a family who values their space, it is a peaceful home with two sizable bedrooms on the second floor with their very own bathrooms. Floor area is 90 sq. m. and lot area is 100 sq. m. Chessa means "at peace".

Mabelle is the first three-storey town house inside Lancaster New City, it has four bedrooms and a family area that is adjacent to the balcony. Floor area is 85 sq. m. and lot area is 60 sq. m. Mabelle means "lovable".

Adelle is a two-storey townhouse that is fit for a medium sized family who would like to have more rooms, four bedrooms. This is the family's organized space as its best. Floor area is 70 sq. m. and lot area is 60 sq. m. Adelle means "noble, kind and tender."

The Thea and Anica is just great fr young professionals or young families who are starting-up in their lives, Thea and Anica are ideal first homes that fit the budget and give enough room for everyone. The homes have three bedrooms, 1-2 toilet & baths, and living, dining and kitchen areas. Thea's floor area is 60 sq. m. and lot area is 50 sq. m. while Anica's floor area is 50 sq. m. and lot area is 50 sq. m. Thea means "goddess" while Anica means "grace."

Now that you’ve seen the photos , we do hope that you’re enticed by the way they are dressed up and we are hoping that you would try to look at the properties personally. And to keep you off from the hassle, below is the form that you can fill-up if you want to check it out personally and schedule your tripping.

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