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The Equation of Ariel’s 1 #HigantengLinis and 1 #HigantengFiesta at the Higantes Festival

Most people definitely despise mathematics. Its complexity makes it hard and definitely unlovable but if you take it seriously and enjoy solving the problems it’s just like doing the house chores, most particularly the laundry. If you’re wondering why, well here’s the equation – dirty clothes all over water and detergent plus fabric softener is equals to a very nice, fragrant and clean clothes. Simple isn't it! For Kwento Ni Toto that’s the simplest equation that can come up with inside the house but what about if it is done in big venue or big celebration like the Higantes Festival? Well, Ariel, one of the known brands in the market when it comes to stain removing, did the biggest test.
Higante means giant and giant comes with big things, so Ariel traveled all the way to the art capital of the Philippines, Angono, Rizal (specifically at Quezon Avenue) just to demonstrate that no higantes or giant can stop the power of Ariel’s one wash. So if you’re looking for the biggest problem solving in your life, this is one big equation that will definitely give a huge, simple and clear answer.

Higanteng Handaan
First in the equation is the Higanteng Handaan (Gigantic Feast) provided by Ariel as part of the celebration of the Higantes Festival. A thousand people joined the feast as DJ ChaCha and DJ Papi Charlie  made a counted down to lift from the giant palayok all the dishes that will be served for the feast like the humba, sisig, and bistek tagalog. People present inside the venue with food stub line up to their respective food stations. Those who already got their food seated in a long line up of tables and chairs with the clean white table cloth.

Plus ( + ) Higanteng Kasiyahan
Adding to the gigantic feast is the Higanteng Kasiyahan (Gigantic Fun) for all the people who are present at the venue. The wacky hosting of DJ ChaCha and DJ Papi Charlie made everyone enjoy the event and we can say that there’s no dull moment. There was a dance number from the sexy and male dancers to open the ceremony, there are games for the people present inside the venue, of course Rocksteddy made its way to the crowd with their songs jamming and rocking the event, and finally the much awaited of programs the raffle where winners get to bring home prizes courtesy of Ariel.

Over ( / ) Higanteng Mantsa
Of course after the delicious meals prepared for everybody, stains and dirt are all left behind on the table cloths which is one of the usual problems that needs to be solved everyone feast. With the help of the Stain Inspection team they picked and paraded the dirtiest and most stained table cloths. Showcasing the dirt and stain problem that Ariel is set to solve.

Plus ( + ) Higanteng Labada
The long line of tables really made a huge pile of laundry, a sure Higanteng Labada for the laundry ladies. For moms these will definitely a hard to clean but because Ariel is there, it proves the power of one wash.

Minus ( - ) the combination of [ ( ) ] Drum Ng Tubig
Of course in every washing water is an essential element and since Ariel got the power of one wash enough water is just right to finish the laundry but of course we’re in Higantes Festival so this entails a drumful amount of water just to wash the mountain piled soiled table cloths.

Plus ( + ) Ngiti Ng Labandera
Just like any machine human interaction is still needed and the best power to much Ariel’s one wash power is the Human smile. Filipinos are known for doing multi-tasking like washing clothes while singing. What makes it even great is that having a big smile on your face while doing the chores makes it lighter.

Plus ( + )Ariel
Combined with water, human intervention and the power of Ariel made the washing even cleaner. As a result Ariel had proven its power through the washed, rinsed and dried table cloths which was paraded to hundreds of people present and with the thorough inspection of the Stain Inspection team. No big stains can stop the power of Ariel.

The whole equation is equals to ...


Want more equation? Well, for a pack of Ariel you get to wash more dirty clothes because of its one wash power. You can buy it in supermarkets or your suking tindahan. To know more about Ariel visit their website and facebook page.

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