Monday, February 23, 2015

Bahay Ampunan, Gets You Off Your Seats

This coming February 25, 2015, a story that will thrill you off your seats will be shown to different movie theaters. The movie is produced by MSV Entertainment Productions and is written and directed by Neal Tan, DGPI, entitled “Bahay Ampunan” (The Orphanage).

Bahay Ampunan is a suspense thriller movie which tells a story about a young man named Noel, which is played by Jake Vargas, who grew up in an orphanage who was loved and cared for by his fellow orphans. After being adopted and raised by a family in which later on dies, he was forced to return to the orphanage after nine years with his younger brother by his adopted parents not knowing of the terrible incidents that happened during his absence. Thing unravels as their stay in the orphanage prolongs.

Other casts of “Bahay Ampunan” are Renz Michael, Martin Luigie Venegas, Elaver Pacatang, Rustica Carpio, Maria Isabel Lopez, Aleck Bovick, Isadora, Brenda Mage, Carlo Lazerna and other casts.

Suspense Thriller
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