Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It’s Kwento Ni Toto’s First At the 19th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Yes, you’ve read it right! It was Kwento Ni Toto’s first at the 19th Philippines International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, it is our first time to watch the balloons at close. Before, it was just a peek away from the highway where there were too many abstractions. It was a sore viewing the event, most specially when missing the inflating and flying of the hot air balloons. So, this time it’s much closer and we’re really there early.

The hot air balloons are scheduled to inflate and fly away at around 5:30 AM and I think some of the expectators were there much earlier. Imagine the crowd as early as 5 AM.

Though this flying event is not new to us everything seems to be first. This is our first time to physically be inside the venue, our family’s first time watch the hot air balloons together, our first time to have a photo with the hot air balloons, and our first time enjoy the hearts day as early as 5 AM.

The experience was great and though the hot air balloons are few unlike before that there were so many shapes and designs to look up, still it was a dawn of great view with the rising sun. We got so many pics to share and to reminisce when the time comes.

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t been to the hot air balloon fiesta and are willing to enjoy it for the next fest then you might consider some of the things that we thought needed when going to the fiesta.

  • Have your tickets as early as possible and check out for the best day to come at the venue. Watch out for the schedules.
  • Prepare all the things that you need for the day of fiesta. Your cameras and other gadgets are of course essentials to capture the moment but of you need also to have extra clothes especially if you’re with the kids. Water is essential to if you’re staying for the whole day duration. If you’re a camper you can bring your portable tent as well.
  • Be sure to be at the gate as early as possible to have a better view of the hot air balloons. Closer is much better.
  • Have extra money, You don’t know what else you might be interested to buy as souvenir or whatever you need to buy.
  • Lastly enjoy the day and ease yourself with worries since everything is a weekend of everything that flies.
So we’ll be waiting for the next Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta and enjoy more of it with everything that flies.

"A Weekend of Everything That Flies."
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